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Student Publications Committee

This committee, appointed by the president, establishes criteria for the creation and operation of student publications, reviews and evaluates the financial operation, selects and/or removes editors of publications, adjudicates external and internal conflicts and complaints, and establishes and enforces standards of responsible journalistic behavior for staff of student publications.

The committee consists of the department of Communications Chair or his designee (chair), two administrators, three faculty persons nominated by the Faculty Senate, and three students. Students who are employed by a USI publication are not eligible to serve. The dean of students, the student publications advisor, the director of the Scripps Howard Center for Media Studies, and a representative from Business Affairs serve as ex-officio members.


University Athletics Council

The University Athletics Council (UAC), appointed by the president, is charged with considering issues related to oversight and development of excellence in intercollegiate athletics at the University of Southern Indiana. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the president.

The President will appoint a faculty member from each college. The Faculty Senate will appoint a faculty representative. Faculty will serve three-year terms and an appointee may serve two successive terms. A member completing an unexpired term of one year or less is eligible for selection to two successive three-year terms.

Faculty Representative 2022-2025