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Federal Work Study

This program provides jobs for undergraduate and graduate students who need financial aid. Students are paid at least minimum wage and work between 5 and 20 hours per week when school is in session. During periods of non-enrollment, eligible students may work full time. A portion of the earnings from non-enrollment periods is used to meet the student's academic year expenses and, therefore, may reduce a student's need for other assistance.

A portion of USI's Federal Work Study (FWS) funds are devoted to support student participation in community service organizations. Organizations USI collaborates with are the Boy Scouts of America, Central Child Care, Girl Scouts of Southwest Indiana, and the YMCA.

Students may apply for the FWS program by completing the FAFSA and indicating work study as a type of aid requested on the FAFSA. After completing the FAFSA, interested students should complete the Federal Work Study resume. The FWS resume is found online in the Student Financial Assistance forms library. Preferred filing deadlines should be observed to ensure consideration of the student for these limited federal funds. For more information, view our Federal Work Study frequently asked questions handout available online in the Student Financial Assistance forms library.

Regular Student Employment

In addition to federal work study, the University employs some students as part-time employees. Contact Career Services and Internships in the Orr Center for information about non-work study student employment both on and off campus.