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Have a Happy Holiday Season and a Joyous New Year

Enjoy a performance by the USI Chamber Choir.

USI Chamber Choir

The University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir, under the direction of Daniel Craig, associate professor of music, was awarded first place in the Premiere Competition at the Mayo International Choral Festival in Castlebar, Ireland.

The choir competed in the festival against more than 30 choirs from Ireland, Norway, Wales and the United States. Their repertory included works by Rachmaninoff, Bruckner, Giovanelli, Gjeillo, Stroope and Daniel Craig. During the Premiere Competition, the Chamber Choir performed Rachmaninoff’s “Pridiitee Poklominsia (Come All Ye People)” from All Night Vespers and Z. Randall Stroope’s “The Conversion of Saul.”

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About the Quilt

Feathered Star, block style quilt, 1998

A gift from Thomas R. and Judy Laval ’73 Morton, Newburgh, Indiana, to the USI Art Collection, this quilt was made by Naomi Knepp, a prolific quilt maker and member of the Old Order Amish community in Montgomery, Indiana. The star is a common theme among quilters from all cultures and it takes on many variations when paired with other patterns. The feathered star pattern is considered one of the most difficult and intricate to execute.

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