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Messages from 2020 USI graduates

Messages from 2020 USI graduates

12/11/2020 | University Communications
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Members of the Class of 2020 shared the following messages of thanks and reflection. These and many others will be published as part of the virtual Commencement Celebration on the USI Commencement website beginning Saturday, December 12 at 11 a.m. CST. 

Congratulations, graduates!

College of Liberal Arts

Hunter Baird
Hunter Baird '20
Bachelor of Arts
Spanish Studies

"I would like to thank my friends and family for their continued support! 'Intelligence plus characterthat is the goal of true education.' - Martin Luther King, Jr."
Jaliyah Brown
Jaliyah Brown '20
Bachelor of Arts

"All things can and will work for your good. You just have to be intentional! Be confident in your gift to the world and beyond!"  
Virginia Morgan
Virginia Morgan M'20
Master of Arts

Second Language Acquisition, Policy, and Culture

"Thank you to all my family, friends and professors in the College of Liberal Arts who encouraged me to keep going in my education. I love you all!" 
Javontay Moss
Javontay Moss '20
Bachelor of Science

Communication Studies

"As I reflect on my time at USI, I get chills! I'm grateful for this place, as now I'm educated and can afford to pay my bills. Seriously, thank you!" 
Willie Sanders kisses a woman on the cheek
Willie Sanders M'20
Master of Arts in Communication

"2 down, 1 to go. To my mom, I owe you everything; thank you for the lessons. To my dad, thank you for the financial support. To everyone else, all love."
College of Nursing and Health Professions
Madison Dora with her parents pushing open a gate
Madison Dora M'20
Master of Science in Occupational Therapy

"Thankful for my OT cohort, professors and clinical instructors! Thank you, Mom and Dad, for opening the gate and guiding my path to the future!" 
Lateef Kelani
Lateef Kelani M'20
Master of Science in Nursing
Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

"I thank God for keeping me safe during this pandemic. I wish everyone a fruitful career. I also want to thank my family for their support."
Ahyjnai Turentine
Ahyjnai Turentine '20
Bachelor of Science
Health Services

"This has been an extraordinary journey, and I am tremendously proud of my accomplishment!" 
Abigail Watkins
Abigail Watkins '20
Bachelor of Science
Dental Hygiene
Cum Laude

"Although this past year didn’t pan out the way everyone hoped, I’m very thankful to have been able to spend it at USI! Proud to be a Screagle."
Tiffany Wheat
Tiffany Wheat M'20
Master of Science in Nursing
Family Nurse Practitioner

"Thank you, USI, for helping me achieve my goals in graduate school!" 
Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education
Zachary Breault
Zachary Breault '20
Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
Cum Laude

"Mechanical Engineers: 'F = ma' Civil Engineers: 'F = 0' Electrical Engineers: 'F = Farad.'"
Bryce Gilbert
Bryce Gilbert '20
Bachelor of Science
Sports Management
Cum Laude

"I want to thank all of my professors, especially Dr. Bower, and the SPTM Club for everything they have done to make me a better student and leader!" 
Logan Sullivan
Logan Sullivan '20
Bachelor of Science

"Wait ... what side does the tassel go on again?" 
Jill Vandewalle
Jill Vandewalle '20
Bachelor of Arts
Elementary Education
Cum Laude

"I loved finding my home away from home at USI. I want to thank not only my parents and family but all of the people I met these last four years!" 
Angela Yarrell
Angela Yarrell M'20
Master of Science in Education
Mathematics Teaching - Secondary

"To be young, black and gifted is a beautiful thing. Thank you to all the professors and to my family and friends that supported and encouraged me!"
Romain College of Business
Brandon Curry
Brandon Curry M'20
Master of Business Administration
Data Analytics

"Things I've learned: pivot tables are amazing, accounting isn't that scary and energy drinks are your friend."
Kathryn Koewler and her dog Ranger
Kathryn Koewler M'20
Master of Business Administration
Data Analytics

"I am incredibly grateful for my parents, grandparents, friends and Ranger, my best boy, for supporting me through my master's program."
Dakota McCarter
Dakota McCarter '20
Bachelor of Science
Accounting and Professional Services
Cum Laude

"Yes, I am an accounting major. No, I will not do your taxes for free in the future.” 
Andrew Peistrup
Andrew Peistrup '20
Bachelor of Science
Business Administration
Magna Cum Laude

"USI has been an incredible school for me, and I have enjoyed every second of getting my degree. Thank you to everyone who helped me get here!" 
Jordan Thomas
Jordan Thomas '20
Bachelor of Science

"Thank you to all my professors and peers at the RCOBstay safe and well! Congratulations, Class of 2020; we did it!" 
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USI graduate Willie Sanders, in his cap and gown, gives a woman a kiss on the cheek.

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