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Anticipation rising: What USI employees look forward to most with the start of the 2021 Fall Semester

Anticipation rising: What USI employees look forward to most with the start of the 2021 Fall Semester

8/17/2021 | University Communications
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As the 2021 Fall Semester approaches and students make the return to campus, six USI employees share what they look forward to most with new beginnings.

Dan McDonnell
Assistant Director of Athletic Communications

 “I’m excited to see students back at our games, especially for volleyball, men’s basketball and women’s basketball. Last year was hard playing without fans and using artificial crowd noise to create a quality game-day environment, and the students always make such a great atmosphere. We are expecting to have some really good teams this year across all of our sports, and when the students show up and cheer on their Screaming Eagles, it makes it a really fun environment.” 

Joyce Rietman
Director of Clinical Internships

“I look forward to seeing and talking with colleagues in Teacher Education on a daily basis.  I want to walk to the UC for lunch and see the sidewalks full of students. Being with colleagues and students brings energy and motivation to my work at USI.” 

Jared Chestnut
RFWC Opening Supervisor

"I am looking forward to offering more things for students this year to better their college experience."

Dawn Stoneking
Executive Director for Outreach and Engagement

“I’m looking forward to increased opportunities for students, organizations and the community to connect, explore, collaborate and learn with us on campus, in the community and New Harmony. In particular, our entire team is excited to welcome Veterans, Military Service Members and their families, as well as College Achievement Program (CAP), Lifelong Learning, Southern Indiana Japanese School and ROTC students!”

Emilija Zlatkovska
Interim Director for International Programs

"I am looking forward to orientation and seeing the curious faces of our incoming students. For some students, this will be the first time ever to be away from their families and friends, and for our international students, the distance is even greater coming from the other side of the world. Being here for these students to help them, support them, encourage them and get them excited about the semester and about being students feeds my positive energy and makes me look forward to the academic year. Here is to new beginnings!"

Zachary Kuhs
Multimedia Content Specialist

"I am really looking forward to seeing campus come to life again. I think last year was really hard, and it forced a lot of people to re-examine their lives and what was important to them. I’m hoping we can take the lessons learned last year and turn this Fall Semester into a celebration of togetherness after the isolation."

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