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Program Overview

Would a bachelor’s degree change your career path? Are you a working adult, military veteran, or active-duty service member with career goals that include a college degree? 

Offered by the College of Liberal Arts at USI, the 100% online Bachelor of Professional Studies (BPS) offers a flexible, affordable path to a college degree. We will personalize a program that integrates your previously earned college credits, technical educations, military service, and professional training. 

The Individual Studies is the most flexible pathway, focused on meeting graduation requirements and career goals. The Applied Studies pathway has a common core of 21 credit  hours and five concentration areas. 

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Gain a degree that matters, no matter your age. 

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Program Delivery & Technology Requirements

Courses within the BPS Program are offered entirely online using a learning management system. Access to a reliable computer with internet access is required. 

Program Objectives & Student Outcomes

USI Bachelor of Professional Studies Program Objectives

  • Expand knowledge by optimizing the combined benefits of 21st century learning and career experience.
  • Unleash individual potential to add value to his/her career setting, community and personal development.

USI Bachelor of Professional Studies Student Outcomes

  • Integrate the formal and traditional acquisition of knowledge with the skills, insight and practical knowledge acquired through career and life experience.
  • Demonstrate skills in critical thinking, inquiry, problem solving, collaboration and effective communication.
  • Be equipped to contribute to one’s professional and civic communities through leadership, scholarship and service.
  • Complete USI’s Core 39 as a pathway to lifelong learning.

Student Testimonials 


"Earning my BPS degree has allowed me to grow and be a positive role model for my children." - Tammy Johnson, Senior Administrative Assistant, USI


"The BPS program was the only program available where I didn’t have to start all over again." - West Tenbarge, Staff Sergeant, National Guard


"I quickly learned that the BPS would take into account my professional experience and prior college credits." - Debra Becht, Director of Retail Operations, Banterra Bank


“The course curriculum improved my communication skills and gave me the tools and confidence to lead.” - Douglas Hazel, Graham Packaging

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