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Program Overview

Offered by the College of Nursing and Health Professions, the Graduate Certificate - Administrator-in-Training Residency will allow candidates to be eligible for the National (NAB) and Indiana Health Facility Administrator exams.

Completion of this hybrid certificate will involve 9 credit hours of online courses as well as receiving hands-on experience consisting of 1040 hours of AIT residency in a long-term care facility, along with USI faculty led licensure examination preparation. 

During the hands-on experience, the students will apply and demonstrate learned knowledge to actual post-acute care situations in the health care industry with AIT Preceptor guidance.

The areas of focus will include:

Management, Governance, & Leadership
Human Resources
Patient/Resident Care

9 Credit Hours!

Complete in 2 Semesters!

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Tuition & Fees 

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Admission Procedures and Requirements

Students will begin by completing the Administrator-in-Training Residency Application/Interest Form. After the student has been approved, an application to graduate admissions will be made available. 

AIT Residency Application/Interest Form

Program Delivery and Technology Requirements

This residency will be fulfilled in a long-term care facility, working alongside an experienced Certified AIT Preceptor, for 1040 hours for no less than 6 months and not to exceed 12 months. 

Program Benefits

Upon completion of this residency, the student will have met the necessary requirements to take the Health Facility Administrator Federal and State licensure examinations. 

Program Curriculum

The AIT residency consists of the state required 1040 hours of an educational residency experience, enabling the student to work alongside an experienced and highly qualified Indiana Health Facilities Administrator as their AIT Preceptor.  In addition to gaining valuable knowledge and real-life experience in a post-acute care setting, the student will be applying learned concepts to actual nursing home processes.   The student will receive ongoing mentorship throughout the residency as well as licensure exam prep instruction from USI faculty.  The AIT residency program is a nine (9) credit hour post-baccalaureate program.

Course Numbers & Titles

Students must complete each of the following courses for the certificate.

  • MHA 661 - Administrator-in-Training Residency I (4 Credit Hours)
  • MHA 662 - Administrator-in-Training Residency II (5 Credit Hours)

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