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University of Southern Indiana councils and committees follow Robert's Rules of Order. All members, including ex officio members, have full voting rights and privileges of membership unless otherwise noted in a committee's description.

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Academic Planning Council The Academic Planning Council is a standing council of representatives from the administration and faculty. The provost or a delegated member serves as chair of the council (See Faculty Handbook Section of the University Handbook, Item III, Academic Planning at the University of Southern Indiana).

2022-2023 Members

Chair Mohammed Khayum  
  Del Doughty Marna Hostetler
  Bartell Berg Joel Matherly
  Shelly Blunt Kindra Strupp
  Steven Bridges Greg Johnson
  Brody Broshears Dawn Stoneking
  Sudesh Mujumdar Brian Crose
  Amy Chan-Hilton Aaron Trump
  Kim Delaney Connie Swenty
  Michael Dixon Rashad Smith
  Khalilah Doss Emilija Zlatkovska
  Angel Nelson Julie McCullough
 Ex Officio Ronald Rochon  
  Mary Hupfer  

The Administrative Senate is the representative body of administrators, composed of elected senators and officers from the various departments. The Administrative Senate's purpose is to serve as a formal communication link with the president, serve as a consultative body for the president, and serve as a formal means of communication among administrators. The membership and organization of Administrative Senate is outlined in the Constitution and Bylaws which can be found on their website. The University President or a designee(s) serves as an ex officio non-voting member of the senate.

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This board is informed of all activities of the Alumni Association and is invited to all meetings of the Alumni Council. This ex officio board includes faculty and/or administrative staff appointed by the president of the Association and the director of Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI.

2021-2022 Members

Members Ronald Rochon
  Steve Bridges
  Maggie Carnahan
  Khalilah Doss
  Andrea Gentry
  Janet Johnson
  Lauren Smith
  Rashad Smith
  Dawn Stoneking
  Kindra Strupp

The USI Animal Care and Use Committee (USI-ACOC) is responsible for the oversight of the use of vertebrate animals in research, testing, and exhibition in accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy on Humane Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, and all other applicable federal, state, and local regulations, policies and procedures. Appointed by the Provost in consultation with the Institutional Officer (IO) and academic deans, the Committee is comprised of (7) voting members, including an appointed chair, one representative from each USI college unit (and one alternate), one unaffiliated community member, and one Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

2021-2022 Members

 Chair Rex Strange
  Alex Champagne
  Gary Black
  Katherine Daniels
  Katherine Peak
  T. Kyle Mara
  Peter Cashel-Cordo
  Samantha Sawyer
  Wes Durham
  David Hopper, DVM
  Carla Adlrich
 Ex Officio Gloria Butz
  Bryan Morrison
  Aaron Trump

The University Art Collection Committee, appointed by the president, is charged with developing and implementing policy regarding works of art accessioned or received by the committee. The committee oversees the selection, placement, and maintenance of the works of the University’s permanent art collection and works in conjunction with the art collection registrar who maintains the collection. The purview of the committee is limited to works of art and does not extend to special archival, archaeological, or scientific collections. The committee consists of the vice president for Development who serves as chair, The dean of the College of Liberal Arts, a staff member of the New Harmony Gallery of Contemporary Art, the director of the Kenneth D. McCutchan Art Center and Palmina F. and Stephen S. Pace Galleries, the chair of the Art Department, a representative of the USI Foundation Board, an art historian or studio artist, and the art collection registrar.

2021-22 Members

Chair David A. Bower
  Brett Anderson
  Melinda Roberts
  Sara A. Christensen Blair
  Joan D. deJong
  Neal Franklin
  Rob Millard-Mendez
  Shannon Pritchard
  Susan Sauls
  Kathryn Waters
  Iris L. Williamson

Appointed by the provost, the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Advisory Board supports and advises CETL in its mission to promote excellence in faculty activities and educational endeavors; serves as an advocate and liaison regarding CETL programming and services with faculty and staff in colleges/units; and provides feedback to help CETL align with the needs and goals of the faculty, academic staff, students and the University. The chair is selected from its membership. Membership consists of representatives from each academic college; a representative of Library Services; a representative of University Division; a representative of the Council of Department Chairs and Program Directors; a representative of Faculty Senate; and a representative from OSPRA/OPRA. Ex-officio members are chair of Council of Department Chairs and Program Directors, Graduate Studies Director, Online Learning Executive Director, a representative from each College Dean's office, and the CETL Director. Appointments may be renewed for a total of two consecutive terms for non-ex officio members. A member may be appointed again after a pause in service. Ex-officio members serve for the duration that member holds the title/position.

2021-22 Members

  Brett Anderson
  Manfen Chen
  Susan Ely
  Jennifer Evans
  Heath Simpson
  Connie Swenty
  Shane White
  Christine Wittmer
  Stephanie Young
 Ex-officio Glenna Bower
  Amy Chan Hilton
  Belle Cowden
  Michael Dixon
  Kim Hille
  Brian McGuire
  Melinda Roberts
  Ann White


Steering Committee

The Steering Committee will oversee the plan to return to campus, placing safety first while also working on strategies to mitigate risks. One of its first duties will be to publish a list of requirements which must be met before the opening of campus is permitted. This committee will be responsible for vetting all decisions affecting the opening of campus and will make recommendations to the president based on what the Core Committees have proposed. This includes but is not limited to decisions that will impact students and employees, whether directly or by proxy. The Steering Committee also is responsible for placing members on committees, reviewing reports from committees, adding additional working groups as needed, and demobilizing teams as work is completed.

  • Carey L. Beury '93
  • David A. Bower (facilitator) 
  • Steven J. Bridges '89 M'95
  • Khalilah T. Doss 
  • Mohammed Khayum 
  • Juanita R. Musich '10
  • Ronald S. Rochon (team leader) 
  • Kindra L. Strupp 
  • Aaron C. Trump

Academic Affairs Committee

The reason we exist as an institution of public higher education in Indiana is to deliver a quality education at all levels of the Academy. The Academic Affairs Committee will concentrate on discovering the needs of faculty and students and determining how best to ensure the progression and educational success of our students. This committee's goals are to provide guidelines for exceptional educational delivery, given a myriad of possible scenarios, which are specific, concise and can be measured effectively.

  • Shelly B. Blunt (team leader) 
  • Michael (Brody) A. Broshears  
  • Manfen W. Chen  
  • Tori L. Colson  
  • Joy A. Cook '03 M'09
  • Michael D. Dixon 
  • Khaled Elkhal  
  • William S. Elliott, Jr.  
  • Trent A. Engbers  
  • Sandy K. Frank '90 M'96
  • Heidi M. Gregori-Gahan 
  • Sukanya Gupta 
  • Xavia D. Harrington-Chate 
  • Sangwoo Heo
  • Alisa (AL) I. Holen
  • Marna M. Hostetler M'20 
  • Brian McGuire
  • Mark A. McKnight  
  • Zane W. Mitchell, Jr. 
  • Swateja S. Nimkar 
  • Kenneth M. Purcell
  • Jong Rhim  
  • Melinda R. Roberts
  • Dawn M. Stoneking 
  • Connie Swenty
  • Serah W. Theuri
  • Edmir O. Wade   
  • Stephanie L. Young 

Student Affairs Committee

Since our founding, the University has been student centered. The Student Affairs Committee will concentrate on student issues outside of academics. It also will explore ways in which we extend support to students while navigating current circumstances and developing plans to support major needs.

  • Anna M. Ardelean '22
  • Laurie A. Berry  
  • Rebecca Diamond
  • David F. Enzler  
  • Jon Mark Hall  
  • Jennifer R. Hammat (team leader) 
  • Ward E. Harbin  
  • Pamela F. Hopson  
  • Britney N. Orth '03  
  • Amy S. Price  
  • Brandy N. Sitzman M'14

Operations and Logistics Committee

The Operations and Logistics Committee's primary focus will be to implement the plan to return to campus. This committee will determine how to operationalize the return and develop a plan to support the specifics essential to this process. This committee also will determine the supplies needed for the operations plan, how to procure those supplies and how to distribute them to the areas needed.

  • Stephen L. Bequette (co-team leader) 
  • Ward E. Harbin  
  • Mark J. Logel 
  • Bryan J. Morrison '91
  • Brandyln L. Sitzman M'14
  • James E. Wolfe (co-team leader) 

Essential Support Teams

COVID-19 Vaccination Implementation Team

  • Stephen L. Bequette
  • Laurie A. Berry
  • Shelly B. Blunt
  • David A. Bower (Team Leader)
  • Stacy M. Draper
  • John A. Farless '98 M'21 
  • Gregory J. Johnson
  • Jon Mark Hall
  • Jennifer R. Hammat
  • Tracy J. Kinner M'05 D'11
  • Mark J. Logel
  • Brandyln L. Sitzman M'14
  • Julie B. St. Clair
  • Sara K. Will
  • Emilija Zlatkovska 

Safety Team

  • Stephen L. Bequette (co-team leader)
  • Ward E. Harbin
  • Mark J. Logel
  • Miles D. Mann
  • Bryan J. Morrison '91
  • Samuel F. Preston
  • Brandyln L. Sitzman M'14
  • Julie B. St. Clair (co-team leader)
  • James E. Wolfe

Facilities Team

  • Miles D. Mann (Team Leader)
  • Stacy M. Draper
  • Joel S. Matherly '07 M'21
  • Bryan J. Morrison '91
  • James E. Wolfe 

Finance and Administration Team

  • Andrea R. Gentry '05
  • Emily K. Henson  
  • Mary A. Hupfer '84 M'94 (team leader)
  • Jeffrey M. Sickman '94 M'00
  • Jeffrey M. Sponn '98 M'04

Communications and Public Relations Team

  • John A. Farless '98 M'21 (co-team leader)
  • Darrell E. Hamilton  
  • Brandi S. Hess '00 (co-team leader)
  • Trista J. Lutgring
  • Elizabeth C. Randolph  
  • Mary Beth Reese M'93 
  • Connie L. Stambush  
  • Sally M. Vogl-Bauer  

University Governance Team

  • Administrative Senate: Jake Hansen
  • Council of Chairs: Kimberly M. Parsons Hille ‘02
  • Faculty Senate: Rex M. Strange '92
  • Staff Council: Rhonda R. Woolsey
  • Student Government Association: Anna M. Ardelean ‘22
  • Student Representative-at-large: Josi M. Barscz '22

Resource Personnel

  • Terri J. Alvey 
  • Brett L. Bueltel '12
  • Amy B. Chan Hilton 
  • Sara A. Christenson Blair 
  • Linda D. Dillbeck 
  • Julie A. D'Mellow
  • M. Catherine Ehlman 
  • Jennifer Garrison
  • Sharri L. Herriott 
  • Alisa I. Holen 
  • Jessica Garcés Jensen 
  • Gregory J. Johnson
  • Ryan N. Kaczmarski '12 M'17 M'20
  • Tracy J. Kinner M'05 D'11
  • Donna M. Koewler
  • Julie L. McCullough 
  • Melissa G. McNeely 
  • Maria T. Nguyen '15
  • Kathleen K. Oeth '83 M'14
  • Jina L. Platts '01 M'03
  • Erin M. Reynolds 
  • Rashad E. Smith 
  • Jack E. Smothers 
  • Carmen F. Stoen
  • Rex M. Strange '92 
  • Bradley V. Will 
  • Sarah K. Will
  • Brett A. Williams '13 '20
  • Andrea Wright M'20

The Data Governance establishes University practice relative to matters of institutional data, including but not limited to data definitions, data collection, data editing and integrity, data reporting and data security. Data Governance is led by a Data Governance Strategic Team, co-chaired by the University’s chief data officer and the chief information officer and the committee consists of the vice president for Finance and Administration, vice president for Student Affairs, dean of students, director of Internal Audit, chief government and legal affairs officer, provost and representatives from Informational Technology, Planning Research and Assessment, and Risk Management. Reporting to the Strategic Team is the Data Governance Tactical Team, co-chaired by a representative of Information Technology and Planning, Research and Assessment. Representatives from Admissions; Business Office; Information Technology; Development/Foundation; Human Resources; Planning, Research & Assessment; Student Affairs; Registrar; and Student Financial Assistance are members of the Tactical Team.

2021-22 Members

Strategic Team:    
Chair Stacy Draper  
  Steven Bridges Heith Simpson
  Mohammed Khayum Anastasia Draper
  Aaron Trump David Alexander
  Brad Will Lance Woods
  Jennifer Hammat Mark Logel
  Khalilah Doss  
 Tactical Team:    
 Co-Chair Heith Simpson  
 Co-Chair Stacy Draper  
  Denise Allison Ingrid Lindy
  Laurie Berry Michael Murphy
  Andrea Daub Tracy Sinn
  Jason Guerin Sandy Frank
  Gregory Johnson Justin Hill
  Cory Like Rebecca Neel

This council is responsible for determining the funding needs of the University to be underwritten by private gifts to the USI Foundation. This council also assists in planning solicitation of funds from private sources. The Development Council, appointed by the president, is composed of the Vice President for Development (chair); Associate Provost for Academic Affairs; the deans of the academic colleges; Dean of Students; Administrative Senate Chair; Council of Chairs Chair; Faculty Senate Chair (or designee); Staff Council Chair and Vice Chair; Student Government Association President; directors of Alumni Relations and Volunteer Services; Athletics; Development; Graduate Studies; Historic New Harmony; International Programs; Library Services; Student Development Programs; Student Financial Assistance; Executive Director of Enrollment; Specialist of Student Financial Success Center; USI Board of Trustees Student Member; Associate Director for Campus Life; Associate Director Multicultural Center; Executive Director of Human Resources; Executive Director of Multicultural Center; and USI Foundation Student Advisory Board Member. The Provost, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Vice President for Marketing and Communications, Vice President for Student Affairs; Senior Executive Assistant and Executive Assistant to the President are ex officio members.

2021-22 Members

  David A. Bower  
Members Jessica Adler Zane Mitchell
  Anna Ardelean Cathy Nickens
  Shelly Blunt Joanna Riney
  Christina "JoJo" Butler Melinda Roberts
  Liam Collins Shawn Robey
  Michael Dixon Silvia Rode
  Jenny Garrison Rashad Smith
  Andrea Gentry Carmen Stoen
  Jon Mark Hall Rex Strange
  Jennifer Hammat Connie Swenty
  Jake Hansen D'Angelo Taylor
  Kim Hille Leslie Townsend
  Pam Hopson Ann White
  Marna Hostetler Peter Whiting
  Janet Johnson Sarah Will
  Brian McGuire Rhonda Woolsey
    Emilija Zlatkovska
Ex Officio Steve Bridges Mohammed Khayum
  Carey Beury Nita Musich
  Khalilah Doss Kindra Strupp

The Endeavor! Awards Program Committee, is chaired by a committee member selected by the associate provost for Academic Affairs. Voting members of the committee consist of one representative from each academic college, a representative of the Honors Council, the director of Endeavor Awards Program, an at-large member, and a chair (eight members total). The Dean from each college will choose a member to serve on this committee and one alternate. The provost will select the at-large member. The committee will be responsible for reviewing proposals submitted for funding and recommending to the provost which proposals should be funded. Members of the committee from each college and the at-large member will serve two-year terms. The chair selected by the associate provost and director of Endeavor Awards Program serve continuous terms.

View Current Members


The Endowment for New Harmony Studies was established by the USI Foundation to fund scholarly work that makes a significant and enduring contribution to the knowledge of New Harmony’s history. The committee, appointed by the president, reviews requests for funds and makes recommendations for the provost’s approval. Annual funding from the Endowment for New Harmony Studies is determined by the USI Foundation Spending Policy.

2021-22 Members

Chair Leslie Townsend
  Rebecca Deeg
  Tamara Hunt
  Silvia Rode
  Michael Strezewski

The Council was formed in 2018 and replaced the Diversity Committee. The Council is an educative and advisory group composed of faculty, staff and students from different racial/ethnic, social status, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, veteran status, and religions that reflect the diversity within the university community, as well as advocates for those groups. Thirteen termed members make up the Council Executive Committee, who shall report directly to the USI President. The Council will prepare the annual Diversity Report to the USI Board of Trustees.

2021-22 Members

Chair Pamela Hopson     
Members Jessica Adler   Kerseclia Patterson
  Glenna Bower   Tereesha Patterson
  Kat Draughon   Rashad Smith
  John Farless   Ronda Stone
  Jennifer Hammat   Rex strange
  Chris Hoehn   Steven Stump
  Sakina Hughes   D'Angelo Taylor
  Janet Johnson   Leslie Townsend
  Andrew Lenhardt   Aaron Trump
  Kelsey McCullough   Emilija Zlatkovska
  Brandi Neal

The Executive Enrollment Management Committee (EEMC), will establish collaboration and communication across USI’s campus on all issues related to student recruitment and retention.  The committee’s primary goal is to create a seamless, supportive experience for students from admissions to graduation.  The EEMC consists of the provost (chair), vice president for Finance and Administration, vice president for Development, vice president for Marketing and Communication, vice president for Student Affairs, chief government and legal affairs officer, chief data officer, chief information officer, associate provost for Academic Affairs, executive director for Enrollment, director of Graduate Studies and college deans.

2021-22 Members

Chair Mohammed Khayum  
  Shelly Blunt Michael Dixon
  Steve Bridges Zane Mitchell
  David Bower Melinda Roberts
  Catherine Carey Rashad Smith
  Anastasia Draper Kindra Strupp
    Aaron Trump
  Khalilah Doss Ann White

The Faculty Senate is the representative body of the faculty, composed of duly elected members of the faculty.  The organization and responsibility of the Faculty Senate and the standing committees are outlined in the Faculty Constitution.  (See Faculty Section II in the University Handbook.)

View Current Members

The Graduate Council is the academic, executive, and planning committee of the graduate faculty.  Its membership consists of the director of each graduate program and an elected representative of the graduate faculty in each college.  In addition, the registrar, a representative of Library Services, and the provost are ex officio members.  The director of Graduate Studies serves as the chair.

The Honorary Degree Policy and Process describes the appointment of the Honorary Degree Committee, which includes the provost (permanent membership and chair); two faculty members (at full professor rank) selected by Faculty Senate; one member of the Alumni Council selected by the Council; and the president of the USI Foundation (permanent membership).  The faculty members serve staggered three-year terms.  The Alumni Council representative serves a two-year term.  The Committee follows the guidelines outlined in the Honorary Degree Policy and Process.

The Honors Faculty Council, appointed by the provost, acts as the principal advisory body to the director of the Honors Program. The Honors Faculty Council assists the Honors Director in designing and implementing the Honors Program's curriculum, student programs, and recruitment and retention practices. The Honors Faculty Council consists of the director of the Honors Program, who serves as chair; at least two representatives from each academic college, recommended by the deans; and three student representatives from the Honors Student Council, recommended by the director of the Honors Program.

Appointed by the president, the Information Technology Advisory Committee advises the chief information officer on issues related to technology needs and instructional technology. Chaired by the chief information officer, the committee consists of a representative from each academic college and Outreach and Engagement; a representative of each of the four Management Information Systems modules; a representative of Library Services; and a member recommended by the Student Government Association. Ex officio members are the vice presidents. Members of the Information Technology staff may be invited to attend by the chief information officer as appropriate.

2021-22 Members

Chair Stacy Draper Paul Kuban
  Dave Alexander  
  Rita Brunner Jeff Sponn
  Larissa Cremeens Mike Murphy
  Andrea Daub Angel Nelson
  Mike Fetscher Jason Provence
  Abbey Foroughi Melinda Roberts
  Marna Hostetler Lance Woods
Ex Officio Steve Bridges Rashad Smith
  Khalilah Doss Kindra Strupp
  Mohammed Khayum

A federally mandated committee of faculty, administrators, and community representatives, which is charged to review and approve all research protocols involving humans as participants and created by anyone affiliated with the University of Southern Indiana.

IRB Board Members

The License Committee, appointed by the president, oversees policies related to licensing the University’s name and images. The members of the committee include the vice president for Marketing and Communications (chair), director of Creative and Print Services, vice president for Finance and Administration, direct of Athletics, marketing manager, Campus Store manager, Business Office controller, and director of Procurement.

2021-22 Members

Chair Kindra Strupp
  Terri Bischoff 
  Steve Bridges
  Jon Mark Hall
  Stephanie Hawes
  Jessica Leonard
  Jeffrey Sickman
  Jeffrey Sponn

The Living Learning Community Committee consists of representatives from each Living Learning Community, Residence Life, Registrar, and Academic Affairs. Appointed by the provost, the committee coordinates, assesses, and evaluates the USI Living Learning Community Program, assists faculty with intentional program development, and coordinates and teaches Living Learning Community course clusters.

2021-22 Members

Chair        Sarah Stevens
  Aaron Adkins
  Brett Bueltel
  Glenna Bower
  Robin Carroll
  Joe Goudreau
  Jennifer Horn
  Lori Huck
  Melissa Miller
  Maureen Stephenson
  Beth Thompson
  Nicole Williams
Ex Officio Shelly Blunt
  Amy Price

The mission of the Online Learning Council is to discuss initiatives that advance the goals and objectives for developing and implementing the online strategy for the University. The Online Learning Council, appointed by the president and chaired by the executive director of Online Learning, is comprised of representatives from each academic dean's office, online program coordinators, Library Services, Outreach and Engagement, Marketing and Communications, University Division, Center for Adult Learner Success, Registrar's Office, Undergraduate Admissions, Graduate Studies, Disability Resources, and Information Technology.

2021-22 Members

Chair        Belle Cowden
    Bonnie Beach
  Shelly Blunt
  Brody Broshears
  Kristie Byrns
  Michael Dixon
  Stacy Draper
  Wes Durham
  Trent Engbers
  Sandy Frank
  Renee Frimming
  Julie McCullough
  Monica O'Neil
  Becca Neel
  Tim Schibik
  Rashad Smith
  Kindra Strupp
  Kevin Valadares

This committee, appointed by the president, reviews current programs and practices of the Counseling Center to appraise their relevance to student needs and advises and assists in coordinating new programs developed by the Counseling Center. This committee consists of three faculty members, the director of Religious Life, two students recommended by the Student Government Association, and the director of Counseling as non-voting chair. Additional University staff may be asked to serve upon the recommendation of the director of Counseling.

2021-22 Members

Chair B. Thomas Longwell
  Sean Gee
  Kathy Elpers
  Kyran Ellis
  Christine Hoehn
  Jennifer Nunning
  Crystal Steltenpohl
  Sarah Stevens

The President’s Council is a standing council composed of the provost, the vice president for Finance and Administration; the vice president for Development; the vice president for Marketing and Communications; the vice president for Student Affairs; the vice president for Strategic Enrollment Management; the college deans; the dean of School of Graduate Studies; the dean of students; the athletic director; the chief government and legal affairs officer; the chief data officer; the chief information officer; the associate vice president for Finance and Administration; the associate provost for Academic Affairs; the executive director for Enrollment; the executive director of Outreach and Engagement; the director of Graduate Studies; the director for International Programs; the executive director of Human Resources; the senior executive assistant to the President; the executive assistant to the President; the chairs of Administrative Senate, Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Council of Department Chairs and Program Directors; and the president of the University as chair. The president may appoint other members to this council and define their tenure. This council reviews matters related to the direction and coordination of operations.

2022-23 Members

Members Ronald Rochon         
  Del Doughty   Sarah Will
  Carey Beury   Julie McCullough
Shelly Blunt Troy Miller
  David Bower   Nita Musich
  Steve Bridges   Sudesh Mujumdar
  Andrew Buck   Rashad Smith
  Michael Dixon   Dawn Stoneking
  Khalilah Doss   Kim Delaney
  Greg Johnson   Kindra Strupp
  Mohammed Khayum   Austin Siders
  Jon Mark Hall   Aaron Trump
  Jennifer Hammat   Connie Swenty
  Steven Stump   Dawn Paris
  Mary Hupfer   Emilija Zlatkovska

The Provost’s Council is an advisory body to the provost and advises on academic and student policies and matters. Members include academic deans; vice president for Student Affairs; associate provost for Academic Affairs; executive director of Online Learning; executive director of Outreach and Engagement; chief data officer; director of Graduate Studies; registrar; dean of students; director of Library Services; assistant vice president for Academic Success; interim director for International Programs; director of Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning; assistant director of Veteran, Military, and Family Resource Center; chair of Faculty Senate; the provost's senior administrative associate; and the provost as chair.

2021-22 Members

Chair Mohammed Khayum  
  Melinda Roberts Sandy Frank
  Shelly Blunt Jennifer Hammat
  Michael Broshears Marna Hostetler
  Cathy Carey Joel Matherly
  Amy Chan Hilton Zane Mitchell
  Belle Cowden Dawn Stoneking
  Michael Dixon Rex Strange
  Khalilah Doss Ann White
  Michele Duran Emilija Zlatkovska

This committee, appointed by the president, shall identify safety problems on campus and recommend solutions to minimize the University’s exposure to risks, losses, and liabilities. The committee consists of the manager of Environmental Health and Safety (chair), the associate provost of Student Affairs, the director for Risk Management and Safety, the director of Public Safety, a representative of the Physical Plant, a representative of Housing and Residence Life, a representative of Human Resources, a representative of Staff Council, a representative of the Administrative Senate, a faculty member, and a student. Additional University staff may be asked to serve upon the recommendation of the chair.

2021-22 Members

Chair Bryan Morrison  
  Steve Bequette Chris Hogue
  Gloria Butz Andrew Lenhardt
  Jeanie Collins Mark Logel
  Khalilah Doss Miles Mann
  Cathy Goldsborough Nick Bebout
  David Huebner Erica Uebelhor

Appointed by the president, the Space Committee reviews the space needs of the University community and determines how space will be utilized. The committee is chaired by the director of Facility Operations and Planning and is comprised of the provost and vice presidents. Non-voting members of the committee include the associate provost of Outreach and Engagement; the associate provost for Academic Affairs; the registrar; the chief information officer; the assistant treasurer; the director of Procurement Services; the director of Special Events; and the University architect.

2021-22 Members

Chair  Jim Wolfe  
  Shelly Blunt Dan Martens
  David Bower Michael Mohr
  Steve Bridges Jeffrey Sickman
  Khalilah Doss Dawn Stoneking
  Sandy Frank Kindra Strupp
  Mohammed Khayum  
  Donna Koewler

The Staff Council is the representative body of the support staff, composed of elected members representing various departments of the University. The Staff Council serves in an advisory capacity to the administration. The University president or a designee serves as an ex officio non-voting member of the council.

View Members

This committee, appointed by the president, was established to aid disabled students in their college experiences. It advises the director of Counseling on ways to ensure provision of reasonable and appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities and makes recommendations for the removal of social, academic, and structural obstacles. The committee consists of the manager of Disability Resources (chair), the assistant coordinator of Disability Resources, the University architect, two administrators, two faculty members, and two students recommended by the Student Government Association. Additional University staff and students may be asked to serve upon the recommendation of the director of Counseling.

2021-22 Members

 Chair Ronda Stone
  Katie Dausman
  Robin Sanabria
  Mike Mohr
  Peggy Shields
  Steve Bequette
  Stacy Keown
  SGA Students (TBD)

The committee, appointed by the president, advises and assists the director of Student Financial Assistance in establishing guidelines and operating policies and procedures. The committee reviews and advises on financial assistance programs and hears academic progress appeals. This committee consists of the director of Student Financial Assistance (chair), two faculty members, two administrators, and two students.


This committee, appointed by the president, establishes criteria for the creation and operation of student publications, reviews and evaluates the financial operation, selects and/or removes editors of publications, adjudicates external and internal conflicts and complaints, and establishes and enforces standards of responsible journalistic behavior for staff of student publications. The committee consists of the department of Communications chair or their designee (chair), two administrators, three faculty persons nominated by the Faculty Senate, and three students. Students who are employed by a USI publication are not eligible to serve. The dean of students, the student publications advisor, the FishHook advisor, the director of the Scripps Howard Center for Media Studies, and a representative from Finance and Administration serve as ex officio members.

2021-22 Members

Chair        Leigh Anne Howard
  John Farless
  Melinda Roberts
  Susanna Hoeness-Krupshaw
  John Morris
  Jane Weatherred
  Taegan Garner
  Haviland Wyant
Ex Officio Jennifer Hammat
  Benjamin Luttrull
  David Black
  Anthony Rintala
  Kim Turner

This committee, appointed by the president, reviews the effectiveness of drug and alcohol programs at the University of Southern Indiana as required in "The Drug-Free Schools and Community Act Amendment of 1989" (Public Law 101-226). This committee monitors the effectiveness of the drug and alcohol policies as related to appropriate sanctions and education, referral, and rehabilitation programs and makes appropriate reports and recommendations to the president on at least an annual basis. A comprehensive biennial review of the effectiveness of the program and a report prepared for the U.S. Department of Education are mandated by federal law. The committee consists of the dean of students as chair; the director of Counseling; director of Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness; director of Housing and Residence Life; director of Religious Life; director of Student Development; director of Public Safety; a representative from Athletics; a representative from Planning, Research, and Assessment; a representative from Staff Council; a representative from the Administrative Senate; two faculty members; and three student members recommended by SGA. Additional university staff may be asked to serve upon the recommendation of the dean of students.


Appointed by the president, the Traffic Appeals Committee reviews and resolves traffic appeals filed by faculty and staff. The committee consists of the chair, a faculty representative, a representative of Administrative Senate, and a representative of Staff Council. The chair is appointed by the president.

2021-22 Members

Chair        Mark Logel
  Caroline Jalain
  Sherry Tynes
  Lance Woods

The University Athletics Council (UAC), appointed by the president, is charged with considering issues related to the oversight and development of intercollegiate athletics at the University of Southern Indiana. The Council serves in an advisory capacity to the president, athletic director, and University administration. The University Athletics Council shall consist of the chair, one faculty representative from each academic college, one faculty member appointed by the Faculty Senate, the Faculty Athletics Representative (FAR), the director of Admissions (or appointee), the registrar (or appointee), the director of Student Financial Assistance (or appointee), one appointee from Business Office, one alumnus/alumna, one USI Varsity Club representative, and two student-athletes, one male and one female. All of these appointees will be voting members. The chair of the Council will be appointed by the president. Ex officio, non-voting members: the director of Athletics (AD), the Senior Woman Administrator (SWA), the NCAA Compliance Coordinator, the past Faculty Athletic Representative (FAR), and the director of Development (or appointee).

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Chaired by the director of University Core Curriculum, the Council consists of an elected representative and alternate from each academic college, plus one additional elected representative and alternate from the College of Liberal Arts and the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education who serve two-year staggered terms. A student member and alternate will be selected each spring to one-year renewable terms by the associate provost for Academic Affairs upon nominations submitted by the Student Government Association. The associate provost for Academic Affairs serves as an ex officio member. The Council reviews proposals and approves practices regarding the University Core Curriculum.

2021-22 Members

Chair Mary Hallock Morris  
  Tamara Hunt  
  Mark Creager  
  Maryann Shifflet  
  Brandon Field  
  Jody Delp  
At Large Manuel Apodaca Valdez Lindsay Greer
Ex Officio Mary Hallock Morris Shelly Blunt
  Greg Johnson Angel Nelson

The Volunteer Advisory Council oversees and assists the Volunteer USI program. The members of this council create new or improved recognition ideas, program promotion, and volunteer recruitment and retention. The council meets four times per year. Council members are nominated by existing members and elected at the annual meeting in June.

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The Wellness Committee, appointed by the president, serves as an advisory committee to the director of Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness (co-chair) and the director of Human Resources (co-chair), recommending University programs, initiatives, and events to support student and employee wellness. Additional committee members include the benefits manager; program coordinator of Recreation, Fitness, and Wellness; a faculty member from the College of Health Professions with a wellness-related specialization; and a minimum of five other members including one additional faculty member, one administrator, one support staff member, and two students. The administrator is recommended by the Administrative Senate. The support staff member is recommended by the Staff Council. Student representatives are recommended by the Student Government Association for a one-year term. Other members are appointed by the president. Non-student members serve staggered three-year terms.