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Per University policy, any requisition totaling $25,000 or more that has not been competitively bid must be accompanied by a sole source/single source justification form. All sole source/single source transactions are subject to review and audit by internal audit, state examiners, and other governing agencies.

A sole source/single source justification cannot be based on price. A sole source/single source purchase must be established on the requestor’s investigation and evaluation of the requested product and its availability (or lack thereof) from multiple sources. The sole source/single source justification form must be completed and signed by the requestor and the appropriate financial manager. Signatures initialed by designees will not be accepted.

It has been determined through market research and/or discussions with other individuals using this product that the requested product is the only one of its type and functionality and is only available from the vendor (or manufacturer)

The product requested has unique functionality or features required for the research type for which it will be used.

The vendor or manufacturer is the sole source from which to purchase the product(s)

The requested product is an integral repair part or accessory compatible with existing equipment.

The requested product is essential in maintaining experimental continuity.

Other investigators have used this product in similar research, and it is required to compare results.

Using the requested product/equipment has been standardized, and using another would jeopardize the validity of the results.

The requested product/equipment has unique design/performance specifications essential to a research protocol or other needs not available in comparable products.