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  • AARP The AARP is the premiere advocacy group for those over 50. Their web site is full of tips on such topics as avoiding fraud and scams.

  • Administration on Aging This site describes the federal Older American Act and it lists state agencies on Aging. It has a "what's new" section on technology, drugs, insurance and housing; and it provides links to the National Aging Information Center (NAIC).

  • Caring Connections This site,, is a program of the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO). It is a national consumer and community engagement initiative to improve care at the end of life. It is supported by a grant from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and has no advertising.

  • Fraud against older adults Seeking to safeguard older adults from fraud, the site provide information for dealing with scams and fraud of all kinds.  

  • ElderLawAnswers This is a good place to start with any age-related legal questions. You do not need a law degree to understand the answers to your legal questions.

  • Elderweb This award winning site offers information on legal, housing, medical, statistics and personal finances. If you are new to the site, click on the "site map" to get an overview of web site.

  • Here you’ll find all kinds of tips and ideas on how to spend effective time with your grandchildren.

  • Mayo Clinic – Healthy Aging The web site has many articles and resources relevant to healthy aging.

  • This is one of the more popular sites devoted to senior health issues.

  • Social Security Administration

  • (senior resources) This is a great place to start if you have questions related to federal government services and issues. 

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