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Social Media at USI

The University of Southern Indiana has a social presence on Facebook, X, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and TikTok. Social media allows the University to communicate its values and priorities, receive feedback from internal and external audiences, and build connections and a sense of belonging within and beyond the USI community. With over 95,000 followers across our six platforms, our reach is substantial, allowing us to build connections close to home and across the world.   

We encourage our followers to engage with University content frequently. Tag friends and family in posts, utilize USI hashtags, share posts, engage in conversationssocial media gives the University the opportunity to show off all it has to offer, and audience engagement is essential. 

Have content ideas you would like to see implemented on USI's social media platforms? Email suggestions to Kaylee Johnson, Media Relations Specialist, for consideration. See our guidelines below before setting up a new social account representing an entity at USI. 

The main use of the official USI Facebook is to share University information via images and videos, create events and link to USI content to draw traffic to the USI website. Submit your University-affiliated Facebook page for list consideration.

Official USI Facebook

The primary use of Instagram is to visually showcase USI experiences in academics, athletics, extracurricular activities, etc. Instagram is utilized to upload images and videos to the organic feed which provide a cohesive aesthetic representative of our University. Additionally, less curated content is posted to USI's Instagram Story, providing a more behind-the-scenes look at the University. Submit your University-affiliated Instagram account for list consideration.

Official USI Instagram

YouTube allows USI to post long-form video content and categorize playlists around specific University topics. 

The primary use of LinkedIn is to connect and engage with current students, alumni and community members and showcase USI successes, partnerships and more. 

The main use of TikTok at USI is to share short videos amplifying the voices of students and the University community. Popular trends and sounds are utilized on the platform to generate relatable content.


#ScreaglePride - The official academic and school spirit hashtag for the University of Southern Indiana. Can be used to refer to the institution, student and faculty accomplishments, campus, awards and recognitions, and other general topics that do not have their own designated hashtag.

#GoUSIEagles - The official athletics hashtag for USI. Can be used in all contexts featuring USI officially sanctioned teams and student-athletes.

#USIGrad - Special hashtag reserved for Commencement and graduation photos and messages.

#USIbound - Special hashtag reserved for Screaming Eagles Orientation photos and messages 

#illumeUSI - Special hashtag reserved for content related to illume, the official USI magazine.

#ArchieAbroad and #USIStudyAbroad - Special hashtags reserved for content related to Study Abroad programs and the Center for International Programs.


USI encourages the University community to be actively involved on social media.  

By creating your own presence, you should be prepared to maintain it.

To ensure the continuity of USI's online identity, if you are exploring the creation of your own office or administrative department presence on a social media platform, please first contact Media Relations Specialist Kaylee Johnson to discuss the process and address profile naming, creative needs, content ideas and more.  

Tell us about it! 
Please inform us when you create a social media presence on any platform for your department, entity or office. 

Account Administrators 
All University colleges/departments social media accounts should have at least two USI employees as administrators at all times to ensure continuity. 

Should a USI employee administrator of an account leave the University for any reason or no longer wishes to be an account administrator, it is that individual's responsibility to designate another USI employee to be an account administrator prior to removing themselves from that role. 

If there are any problems identifying a new administrator, contact Kaylee Johnson

USI employees identified as administrators of accounts are responsible for managing and monitoring content on their accounts. Administrators are responsible for removing content that may violate the University policies. Contact Kaylee Johnson with questions or concerns.  

Content Guide 
You may post any content that is not threatening, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, or otherwise injurious or illegal. 

Represent the University in a professional manner. Verify information before posting. 

Members of the USI Marketing and Communications team will periodically review content posted to social media platforms The University has the right to remove content for any reason, including but not limited to, content that is deemed threatening, obscene, a violation of intellectual property rights or privacy laws, or otherwise injurious or illegal. 

Use good judgment about content and respect privacy laws. Do not post confidential, proprietary, or protected information about students, employees or other members of the University community. Use good ethical judgment. All federal guidelines such as FERPA, HIPAA and University policies must be observed on USI-sponsored or USI-maintained social media sites. 

Moderate Comments & Discussions 
By their nature, social media sites are participatory and involve sharing among multiple users. It is important to monitor live discussions for off-topic or abusive comments. Whenever possible, moderate comments and be transparent about doing so by including a notice or reason for removing a comment.