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Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management

The Vice President for Strategic Enrollment Management provides leadership to Undergraduate Admissions, Student Financial Assistance, New Student and Transitional Programs, and University Division, which includes five academic-based, first-year advising centers, Academic Skills, Career Counseling and Student Support Services.

The Vice President for Strategic Management also leads a Strategic Enrollment Management Council, which includes representatives from units across the University working effectively with the School of Graduate Studies, University Marketing and Communication, the Academic Deans, Information Technology, and other University partners.


New Student and Transitional Programs helps students and families navigate college, beginning with orientation through graduation, by connecting them to resources, offering programs and involvement opportunities and sharing campus information and updates. 

Student Financial Assistance is dedicated to helping University of Southern Indiana students and their families navigate the financial aid process and educating them in making the best use of all resources available to help finance the cost of their education.

The mission of Undergraduate Admissions is to recruit, admit and enroll a diverse and academically strong group of students whose experiences and talents demonstrate that they and the University of Southern Indiana will benefit by their enrollment.

The mission of University Division is to facilitate USI students' academic success by helping students build a solid foundation for their college careers. University Division coordinates a variety of academic programs and services, including academic support services for all USI students and academic advising for first year students, including students without a declared major.  The Division comprises Academic Skills, Career Counseling, the Center for Exploring Majors, Student Support Services, and the Undergraduate Advising Centers. 

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