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Strategic Enrollment Management Division's Vision

Enroll, retain, and graduate an academically talented, passionate, and diverse student body. Through the formal unification of our units, we will focus on building an organization that recognizes each department's distinct roles and expertise while identifying and leveraging opportunities for collaboration. Most importantly, our goal is to ensure an outstanding experience for students - prospective and current. The offices of Undergraduate Admissions (ADM), TRIO Student Support Services (SSS), Student Financial Assistance (SFA), University Division (UD), and New Student and Transition Programs (NSTP) will provide direction, guidance, and expertise during the educational journey of all students we have the distinct honor to serve. The goal is to create cohorts of students who will pursue academic excellence, thrive in our dynamic environment, and make lasting contributions to USI and the world.

New Student and Transitional Programs helps students and families navigate college, beginning with orientation through graduation, by connecting them to resources, offering programs and involvement opportunities and sharing campus information and updates. 

Student Financial Assistance is dedicated to helping University of Southern Indiana students and their families navigate the financial aid process and educating them in making the best use of all resources available to help finance the cost of their education.

TRIO serves USI students who are first-generation, low-income, and/or have a registered disability. We provide our students access to the resources they need to succeed and strive to build their personal and professional skills through high-quality, specialized, and holistic services. Our mission is to motivate students towards the successful completion of their postsecondary education.

The mission of Undergraduate Admissions is to recruit, admit and enroll a diverse and academically strong group of students whose experiences and talents demonstrate that they and the University of Southern Indiana will benefit by their enrollment.

The mission of University Division is to facilitate USI students' academic success by helping students build a solid foundation for their college careers.  The Division comprises Academic Skills, Career Counseling, the Center for Exploring Majors, Student Support Services, and the Undergraduate Advising Centers. 

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