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Honors TLC

Are you academically curious? Do you want a rich university experience with other eager students? Join the Honors Program and live with other Honors students in this TLC. You’ll unlock a whole new level of community. Students from all majors* are welcome. Your TLC experiences in the fall will focus on fun and friends, with activities in the spring to serve local non-profits.

Your TLC mentor is Dr. Sarah Stevens! 

"Hi! I’m the Director of the Honors Program and I’ll be your TLC Mentor. I love working with the Honors TLC because we’re usually a tight-knit community who cares about academic success AND also having fun. I’m open to hearing what kind of activities you’d all like to do next year. A bit about me: I’m a total geek who loves board games and Dungeons & Dragons. I write science fiction and fantasy—I’ve published a trilogy about a single mom whose 4-month old baby turns into a werewolf. I adore cats and, well, really all other animals, but particularly cats. I aspire to be a ‘crazy cat lady’ one day. I’m originally from New Jersey and I’ve lived all over the place. I like most kinds of music and usually let my teenagers DJ in the car so that I’m not horribly out of touch, haha. My superpower is listening and I can’t wait to get to know you!"

TLC Signature Experiences:

What will we do next year??! Your interests can guide us! We could have a board game night, visit local museums, or bake cookies. Maybe we'll go together to the Fall Festival or to USI's theatre productions. Study sessions, stress relief breaks, hikes on the campus trails...let's work hard, plus have fun! In the spring, Honors will also volunteer with Habitat for Humanity to build a house in Evansville. 

TLC Classes: 

You will take your UNIV 101 First Year Experience with your TLC-mates.