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Meet Sara!


I have two pieces of advice.

For seniors, make sure that you finish your senior year strong! As a former high school counselor, I know how easy it is to get senioritis starting 2nd semester. Please try your best to stay motivated and have people around you that are going to hold you accountable until you reach that finish line. 

Secondly, when you get to USI definitely get involved. USI has so much to offer in many different areas like intramurals, student organizations, theater, and more. 


Evansville, IN


Bachelor of Arts in Psychology with a minor in Sociology from the University of Indianapolis sin 2016

Master of Science in Education (Counseling and Counselor Education) in 2018 from Indiana University - Indianapolis 

Why I love USI:

I love all the resources that USI offers to students. USI has a Center for Exploring Majors on campus with staff to help students figure out what they are passionate about and what majors align with their interests. They help students create a schedule where they can try out several different options without wasting their time and money. This is something I wish was available to me in college as I change my major during my sophomore year.

Favorite USI Spot:

My favorite spot on campus is UC West because there are always so many students hanging out and studying. The vibe of that area just makes me smile. Also, that is where Chick-fil-A is located!

Favorite thing to do in/about Evansville:

One of my favorite things to do in Evansville is go to hockey games at the Ford Center. I love all the different concerts and events that the Ford Center hosts. I also love Evansville because most of my family is here!


Some of my hobbies and interests are spending time with my daughter, husband and family, shopping for sales (especially at Target and Costco), getting together for dinner with my friends, helping others organize, drinking coffee, and helping others.