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blue streaksStudents completing the 'Data Analytics for Business' Certificate will gain an in-depth understanding and hands-on experience in data analysis through experiential learning in data visualization and storytelling, the use of advanced predictive analytics tools & methods, and data management & preparation. Students will learn the necessary skills to work with data to effectively drive insight creation to make sound decisions and improve their evidence-based decision-making abilities. This certificate's approach to data analytics removes the need for years of experience in the most arcane aspects of data science, such as the math, statistics, and programming skills but is rather designed to make data analytics accessible to all.

Coursework in this certificate will address critical and cutting-edge components of the field. These include the ability to deploy best practices in visualization of quantitative data, dashboard design, and data exploration & storytelling. Next, students will learn how to deploy, use and interpret automated Machine Learning (ML) to help them solve business and organizational problems and present solutions. Students will also learn tools and approaches to data management and preparation for effective decision-making through business intelligence and analytics. Further, there is an opportunity within this certificate path for students to pursue specific interests within the data analytics domain such as database and enterprise data concepts, research design, statistical methods. and others.

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