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Successful businesses depend on sales, and salespeople are in demand in every field and industry. Our 12 credit hour professional sales certificate provides students a strong foundation of knowledge in the strategic and tactical aspects of sales and sales management, and equips students with valuable interpersonal and digital skills needed to excel in a variety of modern professional sales careers. Students also have the opportunity to customize their learning experience by selecting an elective course in their business and industrial marketing, services marketing, or a sales internship. 

Required Courses (9 hours)

  • MKTG 344 - Personal Selling (3 Credit Hours)
  • MKTG 355 - Digital Marketing (3 Credit Hours)
  • MKTG 444 - Sales Management (3 Credit Hours)

Elective (3 hours) -- Select one of the following courses:

  • BUAD 499 - Business Professional Practice (3 Credit Hours)
  • MKTG 313 - Services Marketing (3 Credit Hours)
  • MKTG 342 - Business and Industrial Marketing (3 Credit Hours)
  • CMST 303 - Introduction to Persuasion (3 Credit Hours)
  • CMST 318 - Conflict Resolution (3 Credit Hours)
  • RTV 452 - Broadcast and Cable Sales (3 Credit Hours)

Credit hours earned for a certificate may be applied toward another degree program. However, a student cannot earn a certificate that is fully embedded (or subsumed) with the requirements of his/her majors or minor. The certificate must include at least three (3) unique credit hours.

More about the program and course offerings requirements>>