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Discover the art of creating compelling brand experiences and stand out in the world of business

Looking for a business degree that opens the door to a variety of exciting, rewarding careers? Then consider majoring in marketing. Learn to create and market products, services and solutions that make a difference in the world. Discover how to inspire and influence others through branding, digital marketing and professional selling. 

At USI, marketing students learn theory and gain practical experience in an engaging, collaborative, active-learning environment. We'll prepare you to succeed in the diverse and exciting opportunities this growing career field offers.

In the USI marketing program, you will:

  • Generate creative ideas that serve businesses and society.
  • Develop personal and digital communication skills to help you inspire and influence others.
  • Obtain the technical skills required to succeed in a variety of exciting marketing careers.
  • Be able to receive college credit through a hands-on marketing internship.

Ready to get started?

To find out how USI's marketing program can prepare you for career success and graduate school opportunities, contact USI Admissions at 800-467-1965.

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The marketing field is projected to add jobs at a higher-than-average rate. Marketing professionals are critical to the success of every type of organization. A few of the exciting career opportunities you can pursue with a marketing major include:

These career opportunities exist in almost every industry, such as:

Awesome Marketing Majors


Why I Chose Marketing

"I chose marketing because I want to make a positive impact on the world. This subject has helped expand my knowledge of how to communicate with consumers and fulfill their needs. In addition, with marketing I can work in a variety of fields and always have something new to learn." - Mara '21

Why I Chose Marketing

“I chose marketing because it is like science, it is always evolving and impacting our daily decisions. The marketing program at USI prepares you professionally through the professors and resources such as the Marketing Club. The marketing club is a collegiate chapter of the AMA which enables students to compete in case competitions, earn professional certifications."-Courtney '23