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The University of Southern Indiana (USI) understands that students carry with them a breadth of interests which evolve and expand over time and that students should be free to organize and join associations to promote those interests. USI recognizes the importance of these student associations in:

  • the development of leadership skills
  • creating a vibrant campus culture
  • enhancing the quality of life for students and the community
  • building a high-quality student experience

To best ensure community safety and the effectiveness of student organizations, all student organizations are required to be registered with the Center for Campus Life in order to be recognized by/registered with the university and be eligible to utilize benefits provided to them. Approved registration and subsequent recognition of an organization does not constitute university endorsement or approval of the organization’s policies, purposes, or activities. A recognized or registered student organization at the University of Southern Indiana is defined as a student-run organization appropriately registered with the university. Recognized and registered student organizations enjoy many benefits that help them carry out their mission and help their members succeed.