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The Center for Campus Life space was created to enhance the functionality and sustainability of USI student organizations. The center provides meeting space, storage lockers, mailboxes, and additional resources for student organizations. During operating hours, the center front desk is staffed by a student assistant. After hours, organizations can request access to the space through our card swipe system. 

Location & Operations

The Center for Campus Life is located on the ground floor on the University Center East near the Performance Center and behind to the Student Life Lounge. Monday-Friday during the academic year, the center front desk is staffed by a student assistant. After hours, organizations can request access to the space through our card swipe system. 

There are 45+ lockers in the Center for Campus Life available for student organization use. Lockers are allocated on as needed basis. Lockers can be accessed whenever the University Center is open using a card swipe key access system. To get a locker, student organizations will need to fill out the Student Organization Mailbox/Locker Request Form. If your organization already has a locker and you need access to it, please fill out the Center for Campus Life Access Form.

As a reminder, this space should be used to store items belonging to the organization. No personal items should be kept in this space. Anything that is flammable or gives off a potent odor may not be kept in the storage space. Also, no perishable food or beverage should be kept in the storage space for any amount time. Violating these restrictions may result in the organization losing their allocated space.

If your student organization would like to apply for a mailbox, please complete the Student Organization Mailbox/Locker Request. Mailboxes are located in the Center for Campus Life (Lower Level of UC East) and can be accessed Monday-Thursday 8am-7pm and Fridays 8am-4:30pm. No additional card access will be granted.Center for Campus Life reception desk is staffed during center hours, if you need assistance when accessing your mailbox or need to pick-up a package.

The mailing address format to receive mail is as follows:

(Student Organization Name)
University of Southern Indiana
Center for Campus Life
Box (Letter, Number)
8600 University Blvd.
Evansville, IN 47712

Mailboxes are accessed via a combination lock. Your student organization's combination can be issued to the president. Please note that you are to give the combination to a limited number of your organization’s members in order to ensure the safety of your items. The mailbox combinations cannot be reset. Once closing your mailbox, please spin the combination dial so that your box is securely closed. If not properly closed, anyone can reopen your mailbox without knowing the combination.

To use your combination, complete the following steps:

  1. Turn Left at least 4 turns stopping at the first number.
  2. Turn Right passing 1st number once and stopping at the second number.
  3. Turn Left stopping at the third number.
  4. Turn Right until open.

The Center for Campus Life has informal and formal meeting spaces available to student and student groups. The formal conference room must be reserved 48 hours in advance and it can be reserved by emailing The informal spaces are open on a first come, first serve basis. 

Just outside the Center for Campus Life, there is a billiard table that is open for student use. To access, the supplies to play please visit the reception desk. Access to equipment is only available when the center is open Monday-Friday.

The Center for Campus Life has items you can check out for FREE to use as part of your organization's activities. To request use of item, please fill out the Student Organization Resource Checkout. Items available for checkout include:

  • Board Games (Twister boards, Uno, Headbandz, Candyland, Fact or Crap, Apples to Apples, Catch Phrase, Quelf, playing cards
  • Art Supplies (paint, paint brushes, colored pencils, markers, white boards, paint cups, play dough,
  • Yard Games (Yardtzee, Bocce Ball, Giant Sorry, Giant Jenga, Yard Farkle, Giant dominoes, Giant Checkers, Kan Jam, Ladderball, parachute, and more)
  • Food Machines (Snow cone, popcorn) and Coolers (large and small)
  • Athletic Equipment (cones, badminton racquets, volleyball net, frisbees, rubber bases, tug of war rope, putters, and more)
  • Balls (football, volleyball, basketball, small balls, tennis balls, etc.)
  • Pop-Up Tents
  • Portable Amplifier System
  • Power strips, flashlights
  • Small Carnival Games
  • Balloon Arch

In an effort to help student organizations, the Center for Campus Life offers FREE printing/copying for student organizations. Each registered or recognized student organization, is eligible for 30 Black & White /per week and 10 Color /per week. These must be used each week and not banked for a later date. Prints and copies are only available during the academic year and when the center is open. Anything being printed or copied MUST BE student organization business. Abuse or failure to comply with this policy will result in the removal of this privilege. 


EagleSync is powered by Presence and used to foster student engagement on USI's campus. This platform gives students and student organizations the opportunity to promote events, track attendance, manage day-to-day operations of the organization, create logical forms and do so much more!

The quickest avenue for admin support is to use the help button in the portal. You should log into ( and look to the bottom right of your screen for the help icon. The help icon opens up a live chat function (select send us a message) and also allows you to search for existing articles that can help you troubleshoot (scroll down and you will see “find your answers now). If you are not able to work through your question or issue using the help icon. Email Jenny Garrison ( and we will assist you further by connecting with our Presence representative. 

Does your organization need to update information on your Presence profile?

  1. Visit the Organizations Admin Dashboard in Presence
  2. Select your group
  3. Click the pencil icon in the upper-right corner
  4. Make your changes and click submit

Does your organization need to add or remove profile management access for specific users?

  1. Visit the Organizations Admin Dashboard in EagleSync
  2. Select your group
  3. Select "roster" at the top of the page
  4. Click the plus sign in order to add new users
  5. Click the pencil icon next to a user in order to remove them or edit their position
  1. Visit the Events Admin Dashboard in EagleSync
  2. Click the plus sign in the upper right corner
  3. Complete all required fields and make sure you select your organization as "host"
  4. The "contact email" you provide is where any inquiries from interested students will be sent
  5. The "RSVP link" field is optional. If you complete it, a button will appear on the event page that will direct interested students to your RSVP form.

Do you want to track attendance at your event by checking in attendees?
*Note you must create the event in EagleSync first (see previous tab)

  1. Download the Presence CheckPoint app (Apple or Android) on each device that will be checking students in to the event
  2. Open the app and select "PIN login"
  3. Enter the four-character PIN assigned to your event, found on the events page of the Presence Admin Portal
  4. Check the student in by scanning their student ID or entering their information manually:
  5. To scan a student's ID, select "barcode" and hover your device's camera over the barcode on the back of the ID card
  6. To check a student in manually, select "manual entry" and enter their Student ID or email
  7. If you need to check in students after an event has taken place, you can do so by selecting the event from the events page, selecting "attendees" on the upper toolbar, and then selecting on the "add attendees" button.