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During a typical visit to the USI Deaconess Clinic, you will be greeted by the receptionist who will check you in and notify the clinical staff of your arrival.

On your first visit, you will be asked to fill out a patient information form and present insurance information and photo I.D.

The following services are available at the USI Deaconess Clinic.

  • Routine gynecological services.*
  • Routine care for acute illnesses.
  • Mental health appointments can be made at the USI Deaconess Clinic for medication and management of a wide range of emotional problems. Discussions are confidential. Counseling will be available to students through community agencies, USI counselors, or other sources as needed.* Fees can be established with a sliding scale, as available.
  • Public health activities are carried out by the USI Deaconess Clinic for both routine and emergency public health functions for the campus.
  • Educational material on multiple student health problems is available in the USI Deaconess Clinic.
  • Pregnancy tests are available. Some STD testing is available at reduced fees through the State of Indiana Health Department.

*There may be additional cost depending on the specific needs of the patient.

Services Provided On A Fee-For-Service Basis (not covered by the OVP)

  • X-rays and diagnostic tests ordered by the USI Deaconess Clinic staff
  • Immunizations and tuberculin testing are available at discounted prices
  • Accident/injury care requiring a minor surgical procedure (such as suturing of lacerations)

Immunizations and physical exams required as a condition for enrollment in certain programs are available at the USI Deaconess Clinic during the summer months for students who are pre-registered for the fall semester.

These are provided on a fee-for-service basis.

Allergy injections can be administered by the USI Deaconess Clinic nursing staff.  The allergy serum must be mailed to the center from the allergists office, along with written instructions from the allergist. Instructions must include the dosage schedule and an identifying label that includes the patient's name and vial number, and the physician's name and address. Any changes in the dosage schedule requires written authorization from the allergist.

  • Prenatal and obstetrical care
  • Cost of prescriptions (Some medications are available at a reduced price.)
  • Skin tests for allergies
  • Refraction for glasses or contacts
  • Dental Care - Oral healthcare can be obtained at the USI Dental Clinic, on the first floor of the Health Professions Center. Call 464-1706 for more information.
  • Hospitalization and related expenses - All hospital charges are billed to the student or his/her insurance carrier. Students who have been hospitalized may return to the University Health Center for follow-up care.
  • Complicated or extreme medical situations - Students will be evaluated by the USI Deaconess Clinic medical director. If the USI Deaconess Clinic cannot provide the level of care required, the student will be contacted to discuss referrals to other medical services available within the community. Any student with a serious medical condition that will be excluded from the OVP will be notified in writing.
  • X-ray facilities are not available at the clinic.