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Epi-Hab Endowment to Support Students with Disabilities

Epi-Hab was originally a southwestern Indiana nonprofit organization formed to assist individuals diagnosed with epilepsy. Over time, the organization grew to include a sheltered workplace providing employment for those with disabilities of many kinds. In 1999, the Epi-Hab Board of Directors voted to dissolve the organization, sell its assets, and create the USI Epi-Hab Center for Disability Studies through the Vanderburgh Community Foundation and the USI Foundation. The name has recently been changed to Epi-Hab Endowment to Support Students with Disabilities. The endowment is administered by the USI Office of Disability Resources.

Primary aims of the Epi-Hab endowment are to:

  • Provide scholarships to USI students. Scholarships are awarded each year based upon applicant grades, community service, recommendations, and, most importantly, an essay describing how the student plans to use his or her education to have a positive impact on disability issues. The scholarships are limited to students who are registered with Disability Resources. Students registered with Disability Resources will be contacted via email once the scholarship application for the next school year is available.

  • improve campus accessibility for everyone

  • encourage and support faculty and student research of disability related topics which will be shared with the campus community

  • offer professional development opportunities to faculty and administrators related to disability issues

  • expand the availability and accessibility of assistive technology on campus

  • promote the concept of universal design campus wide in everything from course development to architectural design

  • create opportunities for learning and employment for students with disabilities through collaboration with local businesses, agencies, schools and other community resources

  • support the development and/or offering of courses related to disability topics

  • offer opportunities for financial awards and scholarships to students with disabilities

  • support events, speakers and other activities that promote disability awareness