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The USI Distribution Services team facilitates the processing and delivery of mail, parcels, packages and motor freight to all campus faculty and support staff. Along with this task we provide for the collection of outbound mail, packages and interoffice correspondence.

Standard Mail Route Collection and Delivery
Distribution Services provides mail delivery and mail collection to 66 mailroom stops twice each business day. This is coordinated through five delivery routes in the morning and afternoon. Our team collects and delivers over 150,000 mail pieces each year.

The standard morning campus mail delivery and collection normally occurs from 8:30 a.m. to 10 a.m. In the afternoon the delivery and collection occurs between 1:30 p.m. and 2:30 p.m. The routes are as follows:

  • Liberal Arts Center
  • Wright Administration, Orr Center, Forum Wing
  • Science Center, Education Center, Health Professions Center
  • University Center
  • Outer Buildings
  • New Harmony (Tuesday and Friday)

Small Package and Parcel Delivery (USI Signature Delivery Confirmation)
In addition to the standard mail routes, an additional route is made to deliver packages and parcels in the late morning. This is necessary, as our package carriers (USP and Federal Express) do not make delivery to our location until 10 a.m. each business day. Upon receipt of these packages and parcels, each is tracked thru the use of our scanning and signature delivery system. This allows seamless delivery tracking information for time sensitive products and printed matter.

USI Xpress (Courier) Collection and Delivery
Another service offering by Distribution Services is the specialized services of USI Xpress (formerly known as the courier). Through this service, we provide for the pick-up and delivery of all products produced by Creative and Print Services and the Copy Center. As well, we provide campus department pick-up of time critical matter related to print, copy and media such as copy orders, graphics and matter for University Communications. Annually, our department supports the collection, delivery and pick-up of more than 30,000 items.

Within the Xpress specialized service offerings, Distribution Services provides specialized delivery services for Business Affairs, Development and the USI Foundation. Twice daily we provide critical exchange of business mail between these two departments.

Truck Load (Motor Freight) Acceptance and Delivery
Most all items that arrive on campus are accepted by the Distribution Services team at our Support Services warehouse. The only exception to this are items for Food Services and some Campus Store items, which are oftentimes delivered directly to those departments.

Distribution Services receives and processes operating supplies utilized by USI departments such as University Communications, Information Technology, Custodial, Parts Inventory and most other support departments on campus. We also accept and deliver items for projects such as those used in new/remodel construction, new/loaned equipment for both instructional and institutional support and new office furnishings. In addition we provide for the receipt, delivery and some set-up of items utilized during special events such as book fairs, meetings and presentations.

If you complete a purchase order, it is mostly likely Distribution Services received and delivered your items. Annually, we receive over 175 truck load shipments ranging from one to 20 (or more) pallets. Some shipments require long term or short term storage, while others require swift delivery to recipients. Upon receipt of each, we seek out the intended recipient, provide notification of arrival and complete the delivery via our delivery carts, box vans and fork lifts.