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General Policies

Receipt of Business Mail at USI
The United States Postal Service does not deliver business mail to our campus. Instead, Distribution Services picks up USI mail in the early morning of each campus business day. After receipt at our facility, our team processes the mail by sorting and casing to the appropriate mailroom stop. While it is our goal to sort all mail pieces for the first delivery, when volumes are excessive, we may make a priority to sort and deliver all business mail (USPS Express Mail, first class and business reply) and deliver advertising mail later in the day.

Standardized Address Elements
In order to efficiently handle deliveries to more than 1,300 faculty and support staff of the various Colleges and Departments on our campus, it important that we follow standard addressing criteria. Generally this requires providing senders with the following address elements and requesting that they utilize these for all orders, subscriptions, bills or correspondence. By utilizing these standards, we can delivery your mail without unnecessary delay.

Line #1 = Name (as it is registered in USI email directory)
Line #2 = College / Department Name (of mailroom you desire to have mail directed)
Line #3 = 8600 University Boulevard
Line #4 = Evansville, IN 47712 

It is likewise critical that staff and faculty manage their office location within the email system. The email system information is utilized as a last resort to facilitate the delivery of mail. In addition, staff and faculty are encouraged to notify senders whenever there is a change in their college or department location. Without proper notification of these changes, the sender will continue using the old information, and your mail could be incorrectly delivered.

It is our policy that undeliverable first class mail pieces and undeliverable packages and parcels be tendered to USI Business Offices to determine disposition.

Metering of Postage
College or department mail that requires metering with USI funds should be grouped together and separated from loose stamped mail. These pieces can be included with other mailroom matter. Contact us if you have a large mailing, as we can provide trays for such matter.

Following mailroom collection of outgoing mail (morning and afternoon), USI Distribution Services meters postage to all USI mail pieces that are:

  1. enclosed in a USI envelope and
  2. has the proper account (fund/org) denoted on the mail-piece.

The proper account information is essential, as it is utilized to track and charge-back postage to the appropriate department. 

Collection of Personal Mail
Personal correspondence or business mail can be included with the outgoing mail from each mailroom. However, such pieces must have postage (stamps) affixed. Stamps can be obtained from the USI Campus Store or from other local retail outlets.

Personal Packages and Parcels
As a courtesy to employees and students, USI Distribution Services will accept properly prepared and pre-paid shipments of packages and parcels shipped via UPS and USPS. However, due to liability issues, such shipments must be tendered to our department which is located in the Support Services building. Such packages should not be included with campus mailroom materials.

Inbound Shipments
When placing orders or arranging shipments via UPS, Federal Express or Motor Freight, do not elect "inside delivery" services nor request delivery to any location other than Distribution Services. For security purposes all inbound shipments to our campus must be directed to Distribution Services (exceptions being USI Campus Store and students residing on campus). When specialized or "inside delivery" is required, a written request should be provided to USI Public Safety and Distribution Services.

Mail and Shipment Security and Safety
USI Distribution Services, in conjunction with USI Public Safety; reserves the right to open and or likewise examine any suspicious inbound or outbound mail, package, parcel or shipment. Such practices are similar to those utilized by other state and federal agencies. If you are in receipt of suspicious matter, please contact USI Public Safety.

Distribution Policies - Publishing Services Center

Delivery Services for Customers of Creative and Print Services and the Copy Center
Distribution Services provides delivery services to the faculty and staff of the entire campus. In addition to the normal package and mail campus department delivery which occurs twice each day, we also provide campus department delivery and pick-up to and from Creative and Print Services and the Copy Center (housed in the Publishing Services Center).

When you place an order with Creative and Print Services or the Copy Center, your requested delivery date is utilized by Creative and Print Services and Copy Center personnel to determine the delivery service necessary. There are two different service levels offered: standard and Xpress.

Standard Delivery Service
This delivery service includes two pick-ups per day at the Publishing Services Center, with the morning pick-up delivering the same day and the afternoon pick-up delivering the next morning. This is what you can expect with the standard delivery service option.

Pick-Up at Publishing Services Center Campus Office Delivery
By 10: 15 a.m. Same day, 2:30 p.m. - 3 p.m.
By 2:15 p.m. Next day, 10 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.


Xpress Delivery Service
This service includes four defined pick-up times per day at the Publishing Services Center, each delivering within one hour from departure. This is what you can expect with the Xpress Delivery service option.

Pick-Up at Publishing Services Center Campus Office Delivery
8:15 a.m. By 9:15 a.m.
10:30 a.m. By 11:30 a.m.
1:15 p.m. By 2:15 p.m.
3 p.m. By 4 p.m.


Campus Delivery Service to the Publishing Services Center 
The campus department pick-up of items for the Publishing Services Center will be facilitated during the four Xpress Delivery time frames explain above. All pick-ups must be phoned in to Distribution Services at extension 1122. When phoning in such requests, you may be asked if the pick-up can be handled in one of the above four defined Xpress times or via the standard mail and package delivery service. If not, we will continue to dispatch personnel when the shipment is considered critically timely.

Additional Information
Additional policies pertaining to distribution services to the Publishing Services Center include:

  • Departments are required to direct their questions about Creative and Print Services and Copy Center deliverables to their department and not to Distribution Services.
  • Deliveries are required to be made to the department or person designated on the outside of the package, by Creative and Print Services and the Copy Center.
  • Distribution Services delivery personnel should not attempt to identify item(s) within the package, nor make any "redistribution" of internal contents of a package from Creative and Print Services or the Copy Center.
  • Items picked up for delivery to the Publishing Services Center are required to be secured properly by the sender.
  • Items picked up for delivery to the Publishing Services Center should designate one of the following departments: Creative and Print Services, Copy Center or Graphic Services.