University of Southern Indiana


James Wolfe
Mr. James Wolfe
Director of Facility Operations and Planning
Contact: 812-464-1782
Physical Plant Service Center

Miles Mann
Mr. Miles Mann
Associate Director, Facility Operations and Planning
Contact: 812-464-1808
Physical Plant Service Center

Gary Burgdorf
Mr. Gary Burgdorf
Construction Project Manager
Contact: 812-461-5291
Physical Plant Service Center

Bryan Morrison
Mr. Bryan Morrison
Manager of Environmental Health and Safety
Contact: 812-461-5393
Physical Plant Service Center 103

Royce Newton
Mr. Royce Newton
Manager of Housing and Residence Life Facilities Operations
Contact: 812-465-1015
Physical Plant Service Center

Julie D'Mellow
Mrs. Julie D'Mellow
Senior Custodial Services Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7111
Physical Plant Service Center

J. Caroline Fields
Mrs. J. Caroline Fields
Maintenance and Equipment Storeroom Supervisor
Contact: 812-465-7098
Physical Plant Service Center

Donald Fleming
Mr. Donald Fleming
Property Supervisor and Service Coordinator
Contact: 812-461-5266
Support Services Building 113

Ryan Kaczmarski
Mr. Ryan Kaczmarski
Grounds and Athletic Fields Supervisor
Contact: 812-464-1876
Grounds Maintenance Center

Scott Lenfers
Mr. Scott Lenfers
Maintenance Supervisor
Contact: 812-461-5480
Support Services Building 115

Steven Archer
Mr. Steven Archer
Motor Vehicle Operations Coordinator
Contact: 812-464-1876
Grounds Maintenance Center

Katie Greenwell
Ms. Katie Greenwell
Senior Administrative Assistant
Contact: 812-464-1700
Physical Plant Service Center

Andrea Herschelman
Ms. Andrea Herschelman
Interior Designer
Contact: 812-465-1231
Physical Plant Service Center 121

Lynn Melms
Mrs. Lynn Melms
Human Resources Business Partner
Contact: 812-461-5265
Byron C. Wright Administration Building 172

Michael Mohr
Mr. Michael Mohr
University Architect
Contact: 812-465-1051
Physical Plant Service Center 122

Frank Nagy
Mr. Frank Nagy
Contact: 812-461-5239
Support Services Building

Stephanie Russell
Mrs. Stephanie Russell
Administrative Associate
Contact: 812-464-1782
Physical Plant Service Center

Amaris Stewart
Mrs. Amaris Stewart
Design Associate
Contact: 812-465-1660
Physical Plant Service Center

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