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Building Maintenance includes all items related to routine repair of buildings and structures, including normally recurring repairs and preventive maintenance. The following are included:

  • Interior and exterior of buildings
  • Plumbing, heating, air conditioning and ventilation
  • Electrical repairs of all types including primary and secondary systems, certain lamp replacements (requiring special ladders and rigging) and maintenance of outdoor lighting fixtures (excluding energy costs)
  • Carpentry and cabinetmaking
  • Painting and glazing
  • Hardware, locks, keys, closers and records for same
  • Roofing and sheet metal work, including downspouts and gutters
  • Welding and necessary machine work
  • Elevators and similar equipment
  • Miscellaneous building repairs such as tuckpointing
  • General-purpose classroom furniture and equipment within buildings.
  • Utility distribution systems inside buildings - electrical, heating, process steam, water lines, gas lines and sewer lines (storm and sanitary)
  • Operating and replacement costs of all equipment, materials and tools used in building maintenance, excluding hand tools furnished by employees