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MS4 Regulation

The Federal Clean Water Act is being implemented in phases. Under Phase II of the Federal Clean Water Act, the state of Indiana promulgated Rule 13 covering regulated municipal separate storm sewer systems (MS4) which are primarily located in urbanized areas. Universities are specifically named and therefore are covered by this regulation. The purpose of the Federal Clean Water Act is to reduce pollution of water ways.

USI is working to implement the requirement of this regulation, which includes the development and implementation of a Storm Water Quality Management Plan (SWQMP) to address storm water run-off quality within the MS4 area. The SWQMP was submitted to the state of Indiana in February of 2005. One component of the SWQMP is to provide for public involvement which will include public education programs, public participation in the planning and a method of public comment and feedback.

One way that everyone can contribute to the improvement in the quality of storm water runoff is to participate in recycling programs for trash items such as aluminum cans, plastic products, paper products and for pollutants such as waste oil. The purpose of this webpage is to serve as one source of education concerning MS4, the USI SWQMP and to provide a method for public comment and feedback.

Educational materials concerning water quality are being developed and will be listed on this webpage as soon as they are completed.

If you wish to comment on the USI MS4 plan or if you need to report a source of water pollution, you can e-mail the .

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