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Under the Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (Buckley Amendment), universities are limited in providing a student's confidential information to only the student, the student's custodial parents (if applicable) and official entities which have an educational need to know.

Non-custodial parents do not have a right to access confidential information. Students may, however, grant the right of access to non-custodial parents and others by completing and returning to Student Financial Assistance a Release of Information. The Release of Information form is available in the office of Student Financial Assistance.

Please remember that although you may complete a Release of Information Form, specific information cannot be released to the students or parents over the telephone. Information can be mailed to the student's official permanent or local address on request. In emergency situations, your financial assistance counselor may call you back at your official permanent or local phone number to provide confidential information. The best way to obtain student-specific information is to come in person. Always carry a photo ID and provide it if requested by University personnel.

The University responds to legitimate subpoenas. If the court issuing the subpoena has jurisdiction, USI will notify the student regarding what information is being released and to whom it is being supplied. The student must respond through the courts to challenge a subpoena. If a court of jurisdiction does not overturn the subpoena before the production of materials date, USI will comply with the subpoena. No further notification regarding the subpoena will be sent to the student