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USI's Higher Education Day at the State House 2023

University of Southern Indiana visited the Indiana Statehouse on Tuesday, April 4, 2023. The daylong event kicked off with several legislators and USI alumni working in government affairs joining and speaking with the students over lunch. Students, alumni and staff were privileged to be invited into Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch's office for a meet and greet session and photo. Students were also guided through a tour and allowed time to explore and observe the House and Senate Legislative Sessions in action. | April 4, 2023

Indiana Commission for Higher Education 2022

Student leaders had the opportunity to meet with the Student Representative for the Indiana Commission for Higher Education to discuss the student experience in Indiana higher education. ICHE members the got a tour including the Stone Center, Nursing and Health Professions third floor, and the Screaming Eagles Complex. Student leaders were then invited to a reception and dinner with commission members and representatives from universities across the state. | November 9, 2022

USI's Higher Education Day at the State House 2020

USI President Ronald Rochon, several key members of the staff and thirty-four students representing all four colleges, International Programs, SGA, Veterans Affairs, Graduate Studies, the Multicultural Center, and Honors Program participated in the 2020 Day at the State House. The daylong event included a tour and observation of the House and Senate Legislative Sessions in action. Several legislators and Lt. Governor Suzanne Crouch joined and spoke with the students over lunch. | February 24, 2020

USI Engineering Students and Professor honored by the Indiana State Legislature

University of Southern Indiana Engineering students and Associate Professor Glen Kissel were honored by a joint resolution of the Indiana Legislature for the successful launch on December 5, 2018 of the UNITE CubeSat aboard a SpaceX Dragon cargo ship bound for the International Space Station. | March 5, 2019

USI's Higher Education Day at the State House 2019

University of Southern Indiana Women's Softball team was recognized by the State Legislature for their 2018 NCAA Division II National Championship. Students were given a tour of the Statehouse and paused for a group picture in the room that houses Indiana's Supreme Court. | February 12, 2019

USI's Higher Education Day at the State House 2018

University of Southern Indiana students, alumni and staff visited the Indiana Statehouse and were privileged to watch as President Linda L. M. Bennett and Vice President Cynthia S. Brinker were honored on the floors of the Senate and the House for their service to USI and southern Indiana. Following the presentation of the resolutions, students toured the Statehouse and visited several legislative offices. | February 13, 2018

USI's Higher Education Day at the State House 2017

To commemorate recognition of the University of Southern Indiana Chamber Choir by the Indiana Senate and House of Representatives more than 50 choir members, along with an additional 50 USI students, staff and alumni, visited the Indiana State House. The choir was invited to perform on the floor of the House of Representatives and visitors to the State House were treated to an impromptu musical performance under the State House rotunda. Participants toured the State House and were photographed with Lieutenant Governor Suzanne Crouch outside the Lieutenant Governor's office. | March 14, 2017