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In light of recent developments with the pandemic outbreak of COVID-19 and to minimize contact among groups of people, all University of Southern Indiana-sponsored events are suspended effective immediately through Wednesday, May 6th. This is subject to change. Services, tours, workshops, and events at University-owned or -operated venues, including the Atheneum Visitors Center, are included.

For full details and up to date information on the University’s response, please visit or email the Historic New Harmony office at .

Historic New Harmony is a unified program of the University of Southern Indiana and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites. By preserving its utopian legacy, Historic New Harmony inspires innovation and progressive thought through its programs & collections.

In 1985, the University of Southern Indiana assumed management of Historic New Harmony, encouraging cultural and educational programs, while maintaining historic properties. Within the USI Foundation, the Historic New Harmony Advisory Board supports the mission of Historic New Harmony.

Today, as a unified program of the University of Southern Indiana and the Indiana State Museum and Historic Sites, Historic New Harmony realizes its mission of preserving New Harmony’s utopian legacy by inspiring innovation and progressive thought through its programs and collections. This work expands the original intent of the university’s involvement in New Harmony, which was to nurture this living laboratory for ideas - a place where students and teachers, tourists and scholars, leaders and seekers, can come together to experience, explore, and create.

Opportunities for collaboration among USI faculty, staff, students and New Harmony are facilitated by Historic New Harmony, a department within the division of Outreach and Engagement. These opportunities include the development of research projects and service learning courses, internships, and experiential learning in New Harmony. Funding is available through the New Harmony Outreach and Engagement Fund and the Endowment for New Harmony Studies. Temporary office space and overnight accommodations are available to visiting scholars. Custom retreats for groups and organizations are developed by USI's Center for Human Resource Development in partnership with Historic New Harmony.

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