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For USI Faculty

Hi Faculty, 

None of what we do in the Honors program is possible without you. So, first, THANK YOU! 

Second, this area of the website is meant just for you. We are posting answers to your most common questions. Do you need info about something that's not here? LET US KNOW and we will add it. 

Honors Contracts

 What is an Honors contract?

 What is the process and timeline for an Honors contract?


 What types of projects are good for Honors contracts? 

 How do I turn in a grade report for an Honors contract?

What if a student changes their mind and doesn't want to finish their contract?

 What if I don't think the student did a good job on their Honors contract?

 If a student doesn't finish their Honors contract project, do I still turn in a grade report?

 Can students take an incomplete on their Honors contract?

Do I have to agree to an Honors contract?

Cross-Listed Honors Courses

 What is a cross-listed Honors course?

 Can I teach a cross-listed Honors course?

Do I turn in grade reports for cross-listed Honors courses?

Stand-Alone Honors Courses

 What is a stand-alone Honors course?

 How can I teach a stand-alone Honors course?

 Do I turn in grade reports for stand-alone Honors courses?

Honors Capstone

 What is the Honors Capstone?

 Does an Honors Capstone mean more work for me?

 Do I turn in a grade report for an Honors Capstone?

Honors and Me! How can I get more involved? 

We're so glad you asked. Do you want to teach Honors classes? Find a group of Honors students to help with your research? Represent your college on the Honors Faculty Council? Please get in touch with us and we'll figure out a plan.  

Honors, Unrelated to a Class?

 What if a student wants to work with me on an Honors project unrelated to a class?

 What if a student wants to do their Honors Capstone with me and its unrelated to a class?

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