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You've got the grades and the motivation, so it's no surprise you're considering the Honors Program. 

Should you enroll? Here are five reasons why:

Classes (This IS why you're in college, right?) - You'll take stimulating classes with some of USI's best faculty. Honors classes tend to be smaller and focus on lively discussion. Honors classes don't necessarily mean MORE work, but they do mean a different kind of learning. Your teachers assume you've done your reading and thinking about the material, so they can take things a step further in the classroom. 

Community (Okay, we know this is also a reason you're in college) - You'll join a community of Honors students and can even choose to live in Honors housing. You can take advantage of social events sponsored by the Honors Student Assembly, as well as academic and cultural events sponsored by the Honors Program. You can give back to Honors, USI, and the Evansville area with service events. You might even end up in a leadership role! 

Choice (HUGE PERK) - As an Honors student, you'll have priority registration, which means you get to register on the very first day—even as a first year student! You'll have your first choice of classes, professors, and section times during your time at USI. 

Cords! - When you graduate as a University Honors Scholar, you'll earn a special Honors diploma and you'll be recognized at graduation by the Honors cord. Show off all your hard work and pride in your accomplishments! 

Continuing? (Yes, we're making you think about this now!) - Are you someone who might continue beyond the Bachelor's degree? Thinking about graduate school? Master's program? Doctorate? Professional school? The Honors Program will prepare you to continue your education by providing opportunities for research and scholarship. You'll develop close relationships with faculty and you'll be ready for the next step. 

Still have questions about if the Honors Program is right for you? Please contact us! We're always happy to see students.