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What makes a course “Honors level”?

Honors level work means a different kind of work, not just more work. Honors courses and projects enable broader, deeper, and more complex learning. Honors work should be student-driven and faculty-supported, enabling students to take a leadership role in their education.

Honors courses should involve some of the following:

  • Critical reading of primary texts
  • Multiple-draft paper writing
  • Synthesis of materials & connections across disciplines
  • Creative research focusing on process rather than product
  • Metacognitive questions such as “How do you know?”
  • Community engagement & projects that address real-world problems and lead to engaged citizenship
  • Enhanced opportunities for student-faculty interactions
  • Student-led seminar discussions and presentations
  • Problem-solving with creative approaches
  • Integrative learning focusing on local and global connections

Honors projects can involve research writing, data analysis, experimentation, interpretation, design, or artistic production. Your project may be self-reflective, analytical, or creative.