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Activity Point Requirements

Honors Activity Points Requirement – Building Community and a Sense of Service

As Honors students, you have the opportunity to attend a wide variety of events each semester and earn activity points.


  • Each semester, you're expected to earn at least 3 points. 
  • If you earn fewer than 3 points, you'll be placed on point probation. After two semesters of fewer than 3 points, you will be dismissed from the Honors program. 
  • You must earn 3 points during your last semester in order to graduate with Honors. 
  • Please make sure to sign in or swipe your student ID card at all events! 
  • If you are studying abroad, you are exempt from the activity point requirement. 
  • If you join the program after the start of the semester will need to earn a pro-rated number of activity points; you'll receive specific information with your acceptance letter. 

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