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View the Spring 2024 CPS Calendar. All Spring 2024 CPS results will be made available by Wednesday, May 8th at noon. 

Course Perception Surveys (CPS) are surveys of student opinions of their instructors and courses which are intended to help faculty members improve their teaching.

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All Course Perception Surveys are administered through Qualtrics beginning in fall 2019. View a demo of the current Course Perception Surveys. Formerly known as Student Evaluations of Teaching (SET) or Course Evaluations, this survey is distributed to currently registered students each semester. The name change was recommended by Faculty Senate in April 2019 and the current survey questions were endorsed by Faculty Senate in June 2018.

How to access the results of my Course Perception Surveys in Qualtrics

Course Perception Survey results are available in a dashboard format in Qualtrics. Access Qualtrics via myUSI and look for the Red "Q" icon.

course perceptions

If you do not have access to Qualtrics, email . Once in Qualtrics, you will see USI Course Perception Survey Dashboards on your project list. After opening the dashboard, you can navigate using filters to view your results for specific courses, sections, semesters, etc. You can download and print dashboards and open-ended comments. Click here for additional instructions.

Watch this informative 25 minute walkthrough presentation of the Course Perception Survey Dashboard and the Response Rate Dashboard below:

Course Perceptions Surveys serve as an important tool and source of information for faculty members assessing their teaching effectiveness. They may also be considered as a part of the evidence reviewed in reappointment, promotion, and tenure portfolios. 

Course Perception Surveys are created for every course except student teaching, internship programs, field experiences, and independent study courses. Courses with enrollment of less than 6 will not be sent to protect student confidentiality.  Instructors are evaluated regardless of their tenure status. All instructors will receive an email in the beginning of the semester including a list of their courses which will receive Course Perception Surveys for that semester and the dates that the survey will run for each course.

All Course Perception Surveys must be completed before the end of the course and will end at 11:59 A.M. (noon) on the end date listed on the Calendar. Course Perception Surveys are conducted at the end of each regular class, including 5-week, Bi-term, and semester long courses.

All Course Perception Surveys are administered online via Qualtrics Survey Software and distributed via invitation emails which are sent to each student's "" USI email address. Students will receive an invitation email containing an active link that they may click on to open the Course Perception Survey for that course in an internet browser (this can be performed from a desktop, smartphone, tablet etc.) The instructor's name, course ID, and course title appear in the invitation email and within the survey. Reminder emails will be sent to students who have not completed the survey at least once before the survey period ends. Course Perception Surveys will no longer be accessible in the course area of Blackboard.

Per the Provost's Office - Instructors are not permitted to incentivize students to complete their Course Perception Surveys, including but not limited to giving extra credit in the course.