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Institutional Peer Equity Trainers

Institutional Peer Equity Trainers (IPET)

USI's Institutional Peer Equity Trainers is a group founded in 2022 with the expectation of providing peer-to-peer trainings on topics that promote USI's mission of providing a dynamic, intellectual, and inclusive community, and strives to maintain an environment that respects differences and provides a sense of belonging and inclusion for everyone. These student leaders complete facilitator trainings and under IEO staff supervision, design and execute trainings around campus to a variety of the student population. These by-request trainings are ideal for student organizations, extra credit for classes, and supplemental education for some classes. Check below for current trainings offerings. 

Trainings Offered by IPET

This course will give you tools to be an active bystander in any unsafe situation you may encounter. You will learn how to determine if someone needs help, how to safely intervene, and be able to identify resources for victims. It will take approximately 1 hour with presentation and discussion points. This course is offered in-person or in a virtual format and is recommended for groups consisting of under 30 individuals.

Please contact Elizabeth Bowers at or 812-464-1835 for more information or fill out a Training Request Form here.

This course will introduce you to LGBTQIA+ terminology and other information that will be helpful in academics and the future workforce. You will learn what it means to be LGBTQIA+, common misconceptions, and how to be more inclusive. At the end of the presentation, you will also be taught how to handle certain situations that involve the coming out process. It will be approximately 1hr with a presentation and lead open discussions. 

Please contact Benjamin Grubbs at for scheduling and more information. 

Consent and sexual safety are topics that only recently have escaped the label of "taboo". This training will move beyond the basics to explore the nuances of consent, how to be an active participant, in addition to investigating safe sex practices for a spectrum of genders, sexualities, and identities. This training and discussion are about an hour long and can be adapted for any size group.

Please contact Lexi Reed at for scheduling and more information. 

Healthy Relationship Foundations Course coming soon. 


USI's Institutional Equity Office is offering a unique opportunity for any undergraduate or graduate students to positively influence the campus climate and culture. This peer-to-peer group will design and facilitate workshops under the guidance of IEO staff that foster a culture of equity, diversity and inclusiveness as well as the prevention of all forms of discrimination and harassment, including Title IX harassment.

As an added bonus, students will build a toolkit of transferrable skills such as writing, public speaking, interpersonal communication, problem-solving and leadership skills that will help set them apart in the job market. 

Commitments & Expectations:

Those selected to serve on IPET will be expected to adhere to the following:

  • Maintain good standing in USI and outer community
  • Active enrollment at USI with a GPA of 2.50
  • Participation in ongoing training opportunities
  • Attendance at bi-weekly team meetings
  • Active involvement in planning and executing programs

Application Process:

Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. To participate, please submit an application by clicking the link below. Applications can be submitted without the essay portion, but an informal interview will be required prior to appointment to the committee. 

Apply Here