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Film Studies

Current Major and Minor Requirements can be found in the University Bulletin.

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The film studies minor focuses primarily on film criticism and the relationship between film and culture. In addition to examining film as popular entertainment, in the film studies program you will explore theoretical foundations that situate film as an economic, artistic, industrial, social and cultural institution.

The film studies minor is interdisciplinary and open to all students, regardless of major.

Film Studies Course Requirements

The film studies minor can be completed in 21 credit hours and is comprised of two required courses:

  • CMST 286: Visual Rhetoric and Culture
  • ENG 185: Introduction to Film

The remainder of the courses are determined by students in consultation with their faculty advisors. The electives in the minor may be chosen from electives offered by a variety of majors and departments, including communication studies, English, history and world languages and cultures.

Other film-related elective courses may be applied toward the minor with program director approval.