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The Multicultural Center (MCC) welcomes the entire student body to be involved in MCC-sponsored events.  These events are designed to acclimate students to the University environment, introduce them to important information, and provide them experiences that will help them develop lifelong skills to succeed in their collegiate and postgraduate careers.

The MCC offers events that support and advance the University's commitment to diversity outlined in the University's Strategic Plan.

Traditional events hosted by the Multicultural Center include:

The annual Cultural Diversity Welcome Reception helps participants build bridges and friendships within the USI community while emphasizing academic excellence. It is a fun and exciting way to begin a college career.

The Cultural Diversity Welcome Reception is designed to help new students and their family members build bridges and friendships within the USI community while emphasizing academic excellence. It is a fun and exciting way to begin college in an informal setting with faculty, staff, returning students, alumni, trustees, and employees which include the president and provost of the University. In addition, tables are on hand offering information on the services and programs of Academic Skills, the Honors Program, the Counseling Center, the Multicultural Center, and Student Development.

The Multicultural Center welcomes their new and returning USI students back to campus with a list of social events. This week is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in our programming and begin the process of creating a community.

 The MCC highly values mentoring and supports this mission through our Mentor Monday and College Mentors for Kids Callout Rallies. The students are also introduced and recruited into Collegiate Men of Distinction and Women Unlocked which focuses on the areas of academic, social, and emotional growth while learning to develop into their authentic self by developing leadership and professional skills that will enhance their USI footprint and future endeavors. CMFK allows students to share their skills and personalities with elementary school students as mentors. The next part of the week focuses on building community within the Multicultural Center and the USI campus.

Our ice cream “float” day, community cookout and open house allows the 3 NPHC and NALFO Greek organizations, gospel chorale, and 5 student unions (African Student Association, Asian Student Union, Black Student Union, Hispanic Student Union, & South Asian Student Union) to welcome returners, recruit for new members, and promote their missions to the campus.

Cultural Connections Week Events

The Essence of Excellence is an inclusive program designed to address topics relevant to underrepresented and marginalized students.

This year's theme is, "Challenging You About You" and we will be gathering to empower collegiate minds for future success. 
Essence of Excellence Speaker Flyer
What Can You Expect From This Experience?
      1. Networking
      2. Personal and professional development
      3. Engaging workshops & Interactive sessions
      4. Inspiration and motivation
Deadline to Register: September 20, 2024

The Multicultural Center sponsors a number of events throughout the academic year that embraces and celebrates Latinx heritage, identities, and history. These events/programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Latinx Heritage Month Speaker
  • Latin Rhythms
  • Pan Dulce
  • Latinx Film

Latinx Heritage Month Speaker: During Latinx Heritage Month (September 15 - October 15), the Multicultural Center hosts a guest speaker who focuses on the complexities of Latinos in the United States, whether that be culture, identity, immigration, or even history. The event is not only inspirational and educational, but it also allows students to embrace the celebration and the occasion of Latinx Heritage Month. 

Latin Rhythms: Music is a key part of all cultures. Within Latin America, there are various styles of music, dance, and cultural celebrations. By engaging in the music and dancing, you are opening yourself to something new. It opens a window to how the Latinx community celebrates their culture(s) and their identity. By attending one or all three of the dance classes, not only will you learn the basic steps to different styles of dance, but you will also familiarize yourself with the traditional sounds/rhythms of Latin America. The classes consist of Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata. These are intro-level classes in which all students can participate regardless of dance experience. 

Pan Dulce: Each country around the world has its own traditional flavors, dishes, and eatery. Throughout Latin America, you will find various kinds of pan dulce (sweet bread/baked goods) that people enjoy. Through Pan Dulce Wednesday, we combine the experience of trying a traditional Latin American pan dulce with an intentional conversation about Latinx issues. These conversations can range from identity, culture, traditions, immigration, being a Latinx student in college, etc. We provide a safe space where students can share who they are, what they are going through, and what they are thinking without judgment or criticism. Pan Dulce is held once a month starting in September. 

USI Live at the Apollo is a popular campus-wide event that showcases students using their talents in skits, songs, dance, instrumental numbers, monologues, or other creative acts. 

Brought to you by the Multicultural Center, the Gospel Explosion hosted by Designed by Grace, USI's Gospel Choir, and features special guest performances from churches and groups located right here in the Tri-State. The event a cooperative program of the Multicultural Center and the College of Liberal Arts. Designed by Grace performs a variety of music including spirituals and hymns. Members of Designed by Grace challenge audiences to face diversity as a new ascertainable goal.

This show is part of Religious Awareness Month.

The annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Celebration features a prominent, successful African American keynote speaker and attracts a large crowd from throughout the community. Past speakers have included actors, journalists, judges, authors and Olympians, among others. The event encourages and inspires attendees to continue working for the cause of racial equality, for which Dr. King gave his life.

The event is sponsored by the USI Multicultural Center and other sponsors, which vary each year.

Past Speakers

  • 2024 - Major General Barrye L. Price, US Army Retired 
  • 2023 - Keith Beauchamp
  • 2022 - Dr. Gwendolyn Carol Webb
  • 2021 - Dr. Talitha Washington
  • 2020 - April Ryan
  • 2019 - Donna Brazile
  • 2018 - Dr. Johnnetta Cole
  • 2017 – Cornell William Brooks
  • 2016 - Major General Barrye L. Price
  • 2015 - Dr. James D. Anderson
  • 2014 - Jasmine Guy
  • 2013 - Susan Taylor
  • 2012 - Judge Glenda Hatchett
  • 2011 - Hill Harper
  • 2010 - Juan Williams
  • 2009 - Dr. John Carlos
  • 2008 - Coach Herman Boone
  • 2007 - George E. Curry
  • 2006 - A'Lelia Bundles

The Multicultural Center sponsors a number of events throughout the month of February in recognition of Black History Month.

The Multicultural Center's Annual Recognition and Awards Reception recognizes students, faculty, and staff who have participated in and assisted with programs, services, and events sponsored by the Center. The Center also recognizes students for their academic successes.

The reception generates student participation in campus-based programs and encourages excellence in scholastic studies during the academic year. It offers students an incentive to complete their studies and enhance their educational careers.