Graduate Certificate for Teacher License Addition in Exceptional Needs

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Program Overview

Are you an educator preparing to teach exceptional students with mild disabilities in grades P-12?

Look no further than the 100% online Graduate Certificate for Teacher License in Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention offered by the Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education at USI!

Academic study is connected to concepts, issues, and content that are familiar, understandable, accessible, and personally relevant to each student. In each course, students will apply learning in practical, real-life settings.

Upon the completion of the program and passage of the required Indiana content licensure test, graduates may be eligible for license addition in P-12 Exceptional Needs: Mild Intervention.

24 Credit Hours 

Tuition & Fees

Complete within two academic years.

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Admission Procedures & Requirements

Applicants need to complete a USI Graduate Studies Application, including a nonrefundable $40 fee paid to Graduate Studies. 

All applicants must have:  

  • A baccalaureate degree from a regionally-accredited institution with a cumulative grade-point average of 2.75 or higher
  • A valid Indiana teaching license

Program Requirements:

  • Maintain a 2.75 or higher grade-point average at USI
  • Earn a grade C or better in all required courses in the program

Note: At the conclusion of the program, appropriate content tests are required prior to applying for an add-on license.

Program Cirriculum

The Graduate Certificate for Teacher License Addition in Exceptional Needs is comprised of the following three (3) credit-hour courses:

EDUC 508 -
Teaching Reading to Students with Special Needs

EDUC 511 - Foundations and Legal Issues Related to Exceptional Needs

EDUC 512 - Assessing Students with Special Needs

EDUC 513 - Learning Strategies for Students with Exceptional Needs

EDUC 515 - Management and Exceptionality: Environment, Social, and Behavioral

EDUC 518 - Exceptional Needs Instructional Strategies II (Fall Only)

EDUC 521 - Exceptional Needs: Practicum I (Elementary) OR
EDUC 522 -
Exceptional Needs: Practicum II (Secondary)

EDUC 523 - Collaborative Partnerships

Program Delivery & Technology Requirements

Courses are offered by blending desktop video conferencing and an online learning management system. Access to a reliable computer with internet, camera and microphone capabilities is required.

Program Calendar 

Course Start Application Deadline Document Deadline Registration Deadline
01/19/21 12/21/20 01/01/21 01/08/21
05/10/21 04/16/21 04/23/21 04/30/21

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