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Contact USI

The University Health Center is a full-service clinic offering medical services and health-related information to students, faculty, and staff. To make an appointment, please call (812) 465-1250 or visit the USI Health Center website

Counseling and Psychological Services is committed to making the USI a happy and healthy place for all of our students. For information, please call (812) 464-1867 or visit the Counseling and Psychological Services website

Student Financial Assistance is dedicated to helping USI students and their families navigate the financial aid process. For information, please call (812) 464-1767, email, or visit the Student Financial Assistance website

Career Services and Internships provides a full range of career development services, internship and job search strategy, workshops, career fairs, resume assistance and mock interviews, in addition to other services. For information, please call (812) 464-1865, email, or visit the Career Services website

The Dean of Students Office assists USI students in reaching educational and personal goals. For information, please call (812) 464-1862, email, or visit the Dean of Students website

Registrar’s Office provides information about the academic calendar, schedule of classes, registration, grading policies, transcripts, and more. For information, please call (812) 464-1762 or visit the Registrar's Office website