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Instructions for entering final grades on myUSI:

  1. You must have your myUSI username and password for access to load grades.  If you don’t have these, you must visit the Information Technology Help Desk (FA 41) in person with photo id for these to be provided to you.  They will also mail your information to you, but obviously this must be requested in advance to allow for a timely delivery.
  2. Make sure you are able to log into myUSI at the computer you plan on using to load your final grades.  Although you can access myUSI from any internet accessible computer, firewalls have a nasty habit of impeding the usage of myUSI and the work-arounds can take extra time.  If you experience trouble accessing myUSI or the self-service menu portion of the website, contact the myUSI help desk at 465-1070.
  3. Once you log into myUSI follow these steps to access the grade submission area:
    • Click on the Self Service tab located towards the top of the page
    • Click on the Faculty Services link
    • Click on Final Grades
    • Select term (example, Fall 2015)
    • Select the course you want to grade
    • Enter the grades (or chose the correct grade from the drop down menu) for each student
    • Students receiving an F (or other failing grade like DNP, NP, or U) must have a date of last attendance entered in mm/dd/year (03/15/2014) order. You must enter the zeroes and slashes when entering the date.  If the student never attended class, you should enter the first day of the class in the Last Attendance Date field and enter a 0 in the Hours Attended field.
    • For students receiving an F (or other failing grade) in an online course, the last date of attendance reported must be the last day that the student participated in the class or was otherwise engaged in an academically related activity.  Do not report the last log in date.  Examples of participation or engagement in academically related activities include: contributing to an online discussion, student submission of an assignment or test, student initiated contact with a faculty member to ask a course-related question, documented student participation in an interactive tutorial or computer-assisted instruction, etc.  If the student never participated in the course and the student's last log in date is the only date available, you should enter the first day of the class in the Last Attendance Date field and enter a 0 in the Hours Attended field.
  4. If you entered a last date of attendance for a student, you may get an error message stating “The student has not withdrawn from the class.” – Simply ignore this message.  NOTE:  If there is no date entered in the Last Attendance Date field for a student with an F grade, or if the date is entered in an incorrect format, your grades will NOT be submitted.
  5. Verify all students in the course have been graded (** Note: only 30 students appear on a page, so make sure you grade all pages of students.)
  6. To avoid losing grades due to ‘timing out,’ please click the Submit button often.
  7. To grade another course, click on the CRN Selection link at the bottom of the page ( or on the main faculty menu.)
  8. Log out and close your browser when you have entered all grades.
  9. If you have any trouble with these directions, contact the Registrar's Office at 812-464-1762.

 If you make an error entering grades initially, you may log back into myUSI and change it until faculty grading closes. Any changes after that date will require completion of the Change of Grade Form.


  • An appropriate grade must be entered for every student on your roster.   All students with missing grades will be given a “Z” grade, which indicates to the student that no grade was submitted by the instructor.  After the grading deadline, any changes from the Z grade will require completion of the Change of Grade form for each student. 
  • A last date of attendance is REQUIRED for all failing grades and must be entered in the exact format specified (mm/dd/yyyy).  If a student last attended your class on September 15, 2015, you must enter 09/15/2015 for the grade to be accepted (the zeroes and slashes must be entered.)  If the course in an online course and the student never participated in the course, you should enter the first day of the class in the Last Attendance Date field and enter a 0 in the Hours Attended field.
  • After entering your grades, check to confirm that they were accepted.  You should see a message at the top of your roster on myUSI stating that grades were successfully entered.                   
  • If there are errors on the page, you MUST correct the errors for the grades to be accepted by the system.
  • Grades entered on Blackboard are NOT official and do not affect the student’s academic record.  You must enter grades in myUSI.
  • Students are responsible for submitting Drop/Add forms to withdraw from a course.  Forms signed by instructors but not submitted to the Registrar's Office prior to the end of the schedule revision/withdrawal period are not processed.  These students remain enrolled and must have a standard letter grade entered.
  • You must enter an “IN” grade for students who are receiving an Incomplete for the semester.  Failure to enter any grade will result in the student receiving a “Z.”
  • Prior to the grading deadline, we will begin sending informational email messages to instructors with one or more missing grades.  These messages are generated REAL-TIME and indicate that grades are still required.  The messages are not indicating that grades are late; however, if you receive a message AFTER you have entered grades, you should go back and review your grade roster to determine the problem.