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What to do at USI without drinking?
What do you want to do?  There is so much going on!

Everyone drinks in college...right?
The reality is that there are fewer big partiers than you might think. Many students don't drink at all, and among those who do, most do so in a lower-risk manner.
Results from recent student surveys show:

  • 73% of USI students typically do not drink when going out to a party (USI Assessment Day, 2016)
  • Of USI students who choose to drink:
    • 65% had 4 or fewer drinks the last time they partied (NCHA, 2016)
    • 96% reported using a designated driver "most of the time" or "always." (NCHA, 2016)
    • 75% reported eating before/during drinking 'most of the time' or 'always." (NCHA, 2016)

In addition: 

  • When going out, 97% of USI students prefer to be around people who either do not drink, or drink moderately and stay in control (USI Assessment Day, 2016)
  • 71% of students do not think that alcohol is very important to the social life of campus (USI Assessment Day, 2016)