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The Student Government Association is divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative, and Judicial. Every officer serves in one of these branches, each with their own duties and responsibilities.

Executive Branch

The Executive Branch includes the President, Executive Vice President, Attorney General, and Chief Financial Officer. The executive officers are each charged with their own unique duties and responsibilities as described in the Constitution and Bylaws.

The Executive Board includes the Executive Officers plus the Chief Justice and Chief of Staff.

As stipulated by the SGA bylaws, the Executive Branch of SGA includes the President, Executive Vice President, Attorney General, and Chief Financial Officer.  Executive Branch members are paid staff. The Executive Branch meets weekly as an Executive Board to discuss issues facing the student body. The Board also sets the agenda for the weekly General Assembly meeting. Executive Board members are paid staff. Email us at

President: Adrianna Garcia

The President is the official representative and spokesperson of SGA. The President has the power to veto legislative acts, appoint justices to serve on the University Court, and appoint students to serve on University Committees.

Executive Vice President: Madeline Houston

The Executive Vice President (EVP) is the head of the General Assembly and provides general assistance to the SGA President. The EVP can call special sessions of legislative committees.

Attorney General: Katie Thombleson

The Attorney General is the official parliamentarian for SGA and oversees Administrative Vice Presidents.

Chief Financial Officer: Chase Forston

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is the official Treasurer and Business Officer of SGA.

Support Staff

To assist with the efficient and effective completion of SGA business, SGA maintains support staff positions as follows:

Chief of Staff: Sam Fleischaker

The Chief of Staff is the official historian, archivist, and secretary of SGA. Chief of Staff is a paid position.

The Legislative Branch

The Legislative Branch of SGA, assembled together as the General Assembly, is the chief fiscal and policy-making body of SGA. The General Assembly is the forum of student ideas and the place where SGA resolutions are introduced and passed.

The General Assembly includes the First Year Leadership Council, Administrative Vice Presidents, College Representatives, and Members-at-Large. The General Assembly is the great forum in which student ideas and opinions are discussed. The Executive Vice President (EVP) is the head of the General Assembly. 

Administrative Vice Presidents

Administrative Vice Presidents (AVPs) chair various committees, as well as plan and host University events as described in the SGA bylaws.

AVP for Academic Affairs - Vacant (1)

AVP for Environmental Protection - Allison Orr

AVP for Campus Engagement - Kevin Dominguez

AVP for Recruitment - Alicia Cotton

AVP for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion - Tamia Smith


Student representatives are responsible for receiving information about actions and issues that affect students, as well as creating bills and resolutions on behalf of the Student Community.

Romain College of Business Student Representatives

College of Liberal Arts Student Representatives

  • Macey Guzman
  • Hayley Kueber
  • Grace Gray
  • Vacant (1)

College of Nursing and Health Professions Student Representatives

  • Sydney England
  • Emily Campbell
  • Vacant (2)

Pott College of Science, Engineering, and Education Student Representatives

  • Hugo Cesar Chavez
  • Garrett Barnes
  • Vacant (2)

Commuter Students Member at Large

Graduate Students Member at Large

Student Worker Member at Large

International Students Member at Large

University Division Students Member at Large

University Housing Students Member at Large

Veteran Students Member at Large

Fraternity and Sorority Representative

Constructive Member at Large

Constructive members are non-voting members that are an option for interested students who may not have time available to meet with the General Assembly or if offices/delegations they are qualified for are already filled. Contact the Executive Vice President for more information on a Constructive member appointment.

The Judicial Branch

The Judicial Branch of SGA, assembled together as the University Court, hears USI parking and traffic appeals, as well as settles constitutional questions within SGA.

The University Court hears traffic appeals and other questions for SGA. To file a traffic appeal, click here. If you have questions regarding the court, please contact the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice - Leonna Benton

Associate Justices

  • Pierce Howard
  • Rebekah Hamilton
  • Samantha Bradley
  • Ryan VanBuskirk
  • Sanaa Jackson
  • Alex Perry