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The Student Government Association's purpose is to serve the students at USI. SGA administers the following services to students:

SGA Committees


Traffic Appeals

University Committees

SGA utilizes a variety of committees to review and handle campus issues. The current SGA Committees are:

Internal Advisory Committee

Internal Advisory Committee is co-chaired by the VP and Attorney General. The Internal Advisory Committee shall be responsible for reviewing the operations of the organization and make suggestions for changes to organization policies as necessary. Some of their tasks may include reviewing attendance at meetings and events to evaluate the attendance policy or suggest changes to office hour policies depending on the needs of the organization. The responsibilities of the committee may change yearly based on the needs of SGA. The committee may consist of AVPs, University Court Justices, Student Representatives, and Members-at-Large. 

External Advisory Committee

External Relations Committee will be chaired by the President. The External Advisory Committee shall be responsible for coordinating any external communication or collaborations for SGA. Some of their tasks may include maintaining the SGA social media pages, or working with other organizations to set up a collaboration. The committee will be a standing advisory board for external groups wanting to work with SGA. The responsibilities of the committee may change yearly based on the needs of SGA. The committee may consist of AVPs, University Court Justices, Student Representatives, and Members-at-Large.

The SGA Grant Committee reviews all applications for grants and makes recommendations to the General Assembly. Below are the types of grants you or your student organization can apply to receive. All applications are available on the Student Government Association EagleSync page. Click here to submit an application.


Travel Grants are awarded to students and organizations that are traveling to conferences and competitions that better the student and bring back useful information for the university.

Student Organization Support (SOS)

SOS Grants are awarded to organizations that want to hold an event.


Start-Up Grants are for new organizations that have been approved to organize by Student Development Programs.

Applicants, or a designated spokesperson, should attend the committee meeting in which their application is being considered to explain their application in detail. If you are unable to attend the meeting, email the Chief Financial Officer with a brief statement. 

The University Court reviews parking and traffic violations.

Valid grounds for appeal

Appeals may be granted for two reasons:

  1. There is substantial evidence that you did not commit the violation
  2. You committed the violation, but due to circumstances beyond your control.

Invalid grounds for appeal

Reasons that are NOT valid grounds for appeal include, but are not limited to:

  • Lack of knowledge of the regulation(s).
  • Lost citation or “I did not receive the ticket on my vehicle”.
  • Did not see a parking sign.
  • Had flashers on or parked only for a short period of time
  • Inability to find a legally marked space.
  • Forgetfulness.
  • Other vehicles were parked improperly.
  • Incorrect permit for area.
  • My [coach, professor, supervisor, RA, etc.] told me I could park there.

Appeal forms are available on OrgSync. Forms are also available at the Parking office. Appeals must be completed in writing and a hard copy of the form submitted to the Parking office along with a copy of the citation being appealed.  A separate appeal form is required for each individual citation. The deadline for submitting an appeal for students, employees, and visitors is 10 business days from the issuance of the citation.

Please complete the SGA appeal form.

Appeals are heard by the SGA Court, who will notify the appellant of the approval or denial of their appeal.  

If you have any additional questions, please contact the Chief Justice. 

The President of SGA has the responsibility to appoint students to university committees. University committees are created by the President of USI and serve a variety of purposes.

If you are interested in serving as a student representative on a university committee, contact SGA.

The following are committees that need students to serve:

Administrative Appeals, Appeals Commission, Computer Center Advisory, Diversity, EEO Appeal and Hearing Board, Environmental Stewardship, Parking and Transportation Planning, Records and Registration Advisory, Safety, Student Academic Grievance, Student Affairs of the Faculty Senate, Student Development Advisory, Student Financial Assistance Advisory and Appeals, Student Publications, Substance Abuse, Undergraduate Academic Affairs Council, University Core Curriculum Council, and Wellness.