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What do I do if?

What do you do if you need to do something?

Sometimes you just need to know.

Email your advisor and let them know that you won’t be able to attend your appointment. You can login to AdvisorTrac and reschedule at your convenience.

Speak with your professor and your advisor about your options.  You should do this as soon as you realize that you are struggling, as it is easiest to remedy this issue early on.

Withdrawing or dropping a class once the class begins is sometimes necessary, but this should only be done after you have met with your advisor and initial the terms and conditions of dropping a class on the form. (Registrar Website)

  1. I understand that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to complete this form and obtain all required signatures before submitting it and that it is MY RESPONSIBILITY to submit the completed form to the Registrar's Office for processing.
  2. I understand my form will only be processed once the form is completed in its entirety and submitted to the Registrar's Office. If it is faxed or scanned/emailed after hours, I understand that it will NOT be processed until the next business day. Any refund (if applicable) will be granted according to the refund rate in effect on the day the completed form is processed.
  3. It is my responsibility to consult with my academic advisor to determine how this drop may impact my grades, cumulative GPA, and overall academic progress.
  4. I understand that dropping one or more courses could result in the reduction or loss of financial aid and/or scholarships (including 21st Century Scholar) and that it is my responsibility to check my situation with Student Financial Assistance.
  5. I understand that dropping courses may delay my graduation.
  6. I understand that it is my responsibility to check the drop deadline on USI’s academic calendar, and if I am needing to drop a course past that deadline, to consult my professor, who may or may not grant permission for me to drop the course:
  7. I understand that I cannot drop any special length courses that have already ended at the time that this drop form is processed by the Registrar's Office and that I will receive a final grade in that class.
  8. It is my responsibility to contact the appropriate offices to determine how dropping this/these class(es) may impact the following:
  • University Housing 812-465-2000
  • Financial Aid 812 464-1767
  • Returning Textbooks 812-464-1717
  • Meal Plans 812-464-1859
  • Student Account Balance 812-464-1842
  • Student Employment 812-464-1815

Email your advisor or schedule an appointment to meet with them and discuss what’s going on and why you are needing to withdraw. Your advisor can help you with determining your next steps and acquiring the necessary forms and signatures.

To view your account holds, go to DegreeWorks (it looks like a graduation cap) under your Eagle Apps. Any holds will be listed on the top right corner of the page.  You cannot register for classes until all your account holds are removed.  Here are what a few holds mean and who you should contact about resolving them:

  • Advisor Hold - The student needs to see an advisor in the department of their major.
  • Major Hold - The student needs to see an advisor in the department of their major.
  • Bursar Hold - There is an outstanding balance on the account. Contact the bursar’s office.
  • GPA Hold - Students with less than a 2.0 GPA must see an advisor.
  • Admissions Hold - USI has not received a transcript yet. Contact the admissions office.
  • Immunization Hold - Proof of immunization needs to be submitted. Contact the health center.
  • Assessment Day Hold - Student did not participate in Assessment Day testing (hold is automatically removed after Priority Registration); contact the Office of Planning, Research, and Assessment for more information.
  • Athletic Hold - The student needs to see their athletic advisor.
  • DOSO Hold - The student needs to contact the Dean of Students Office.
  • 21st Century Hold - The student needs to contact their 21st Century Scholars advisor.

If you’re uncomfortable approaching your professor or don’t know how, you can email your advisor or schedule an appointment with them. They can help you navigate any issues you are having. If you are uncomfortable speaking with your advisor about the problem, you can also contact the Dean of Students Office.

  • There are several ways to get academic help, and you should do so as soon as you notice that you are having difficulties.
  • First, you should let your professor know that you’re struggling and ask if they have any tips for doing well in their class.  You should also meet with your advisor to see if there are any habits you can change or study techniques that may be useful to you, as well as inquire about supplemental instruction sessions.  Your advisor will be able to speak with you and help you work out exactly where you’re needing help and how to get it.
  • You can also contact Academic Skills and set up a tutoring appointment, and don’t be afraid to become study buddies with your classmates.  If you are having trouble finding a quiet place to study, the David L. Rice Library on campus offers individual study rooms.

Read the error message that you are receiving. If you are told that the class is full, then there are no more seats remaining in the class. You can waitlist the class, but you cannot register for it unless a space opens. If the error message says that you are restricted by major or do not meet the prerequisites for the class, then you have not taken enough required courses to enroll in the class, you may have retaken the class too many times, or it is restricted in some other way. If you receive this error but were advised to take this class, please contact your advisor, as you may need an override to register for it. Sometimes, there are special, restricted classes that you can still select under Self Service, even though you cannot enroll in them. If a class section is titled something like AO, AS, ND, NC, T0, W, HS, H0, or HO, these are special class designations that are not open to general enrollment and apply only towards certain programs. If you have tried to register for a class with one of these section codes and are receiving an error, that is likely why. Typically, your courses will start with numbers or the letters NO or NS. You can learn more about section codes here:

What does that mean? If the course is closed, that means that all the seats in that class or section have been taken and you will not be able to register for that class or section. Some courses offer a waitlist, but not every class. If you have questions about the closed class or waitlist, please contact the department that is offering the class. Advisors do not have the ability to put you in a class that is full or on a waitlist.

Students who do not meet the minimum standards of academic progress will be placed on academic probation for one semester. During that semester, the student should make use of the available university resources to improve academic skills and performance. Failure to meet the minimum standards of progress at the end of the probationary semester will result in academic dismissal from the university.

Once you successfully achieved the minimum grade requirements of your probation term and your cumulative GPA is 2.000 or higher, you will be removed from academic probation automatically.