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How do I?

Sometimes you just need to know how to do something or how to go about something.

These questions are some of the commonly asked questions and answers we have collected from our students.

Login to your myUSI account and click on DegreeWorks (it looks like a graduation cap). On the top left-hand corner of the screen, your advisor’s name will be listed next to “Advisor.”

Email is the best way to contact your advisor. To find their email address, go to DegreeWorks and find your advisor’s name. Click it, and you should be redirected to an email window.

You can also find your advisor's email address and phone number on the Meet the Advisors page.

For faculty advising, find their name and email on DegreeWorks or look them up on the Departmental website.

  • Emails received between Monday morning and Friday at noon (CT) will generally be answered within 48 hours, typically much sooner. Any emails received after Friday at noon may not be answered until the following Monday.  Emails will not be answered over the weekend or after office hours (4:30pm, CT).
  • This means that it is your responsibility to email your advisor as soon as you know you have a problem that requires their help.  Waiting until the last minute is not advisable, and this is true when it comes to contacting your professors as well.
  • If your advisor does not respond within 48 hours, please email them again or contact the advising office.

You can schedule an appointment by either calling our main office at 812-228-5042, or you can schedule an appointment via AdvisorTrac, which can be found under your Eagle Apps in myUSI. If you need help using and accessing AdvisorTrac, please view this instructional video:

To meet with your faculty advisor, email them or call their office line.

  • Go to
  • Login to myUSI
  • Click the Self-Service icon (it looks like a pair of blue folders)
  • Student
  • Registration
  • Concise Student Schedule – With Textbook Information
  • Select the term that you want to view and click Submit
  • Here you will find your class schedule, and at the bottom left of the page you can click the USI Campus Store button to view required textbooks and course materials
  • To view your overall USI GPA, go to DegreeWorks under your Eagle Apps (it looks like a graduation cap). In the top left corner of the screen under “Overall GPA” will be your USI GPA.
  • Most of CNHP’s clinical programs use a specific admission GPA to determine acceptance. This is NOT the same as your overall USI GPA.  Please speak with your advisor if you wish to calculate your admission GPA for your program.

You can change your major by picking up a Change of Academic Program form from either the Registrar's Office or any Advising Center. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate signatures from the department you are changing your major to and for returning the form to the Registrar's Office.

You add a minor in the same way you add or change your major - by picking up a Change of Academic Program form. There is a section of that form that allows you to add or drop a minor. You are responsible for obtaining the appropriate signatures from the department you are changing your major to and for returning the form to the Registrar's Office.

To be a full-time student, you need to take a minimum of 12 credit hours a semester. Advisors generally recommend between 12-18 credit hours a semester and to complete at least 30 credit hours each academic year if you wish to graduate in four years. The number of credit hours you take your freshmen year can depend on any dual credits, CAP classes, or AP credits you earned while in high school, but typically a student takes 15 credit hours a semester.

You can use the TESS or Transfer Equivalency Self Service website ( to find out how classes from another university our college will transfer to USI. This site is updated by the Registrar's Offices of all participating colleges and will have the most up to date information. If you do not see your college or course listed on this website, please contact the Registrar's Office at 812-464-1762.

  • Please keep in mind that while APHY 101 and 102 from Ivy Tech do not directly transfer to USI as BIOL 121 or 122, most CNHP programs will allow them to count for your anatomy requirement(s). Please contact your advisor for more information.
  • From myUSI, log in to Self Service (blue folders icon), click the "Student" tab, then "Student Records." You can view your unofficial transcripts by clicking on "Unofficial Transcript."  To order an official transcript, click "Request Official Transcript/View Order Status" and follow the onscreen directions.
  • If you need to save your unofficial transcripts to a file, take a screenshot or print the webpage through your browser, but instead of selecting a printer, select “Save to PDF.” This will save the webpage as a PDF file.

You will need to contact that university and request that your official transcripts be sent to USI. If you are prompted to provide an email for them to be sent to, use

Before the semester begins and through the first week of classes, you can add a class to your schedule using either Schedule Planner or Self Service.

Detailed steps to add or drop a class before the class begins can be found here.

Once the semester begins, you will need to work with your advisor to add or drop a class. More information on that process can be found under the "What do I do if? -> I need to drop a class"

To schedule an appointment to take a English, Math, French, German and Spanish placement test, contact Academic Skills at 812-464-1743

Students who took Arabic, Chinese, Japanese or Latin in high school should contact the World Languages and Cultures department at 812-465-7026 to schedule an interview.

If you took an AP class (Advanced placement), you must take the AP exam and receive the necessary score in order to receive credit for the course. AP Score Reports are sent to the college you listed on the answer sheet. If USI was not the school listed, you can request the scores to be sent to USI by going online to

In order to receive credit for any college courses taken while still in high school for dual credit, a transcript from the college that the course was offered through must be sent to USI. This transcript is different from the high school transcript and must have the university/college seal or be submitted electronically directly to the Registrar's Office at

  • Go to myUSI and click on DegreeWorks (graduation cap)
  • Review your worksheet to see all your Core 39, Major, and Minor requirements
  • Or visit the USI Bulletin and look for your major under your college or Academic Programs
    • Core 39 requirements can also be found on this site
  • Go to myUSI and click on DegreeWorks (graduation cap)
  • Click on the Plans tab at the top of the page
  • Select the Plan your and your advisor created to highlight it blue
  • From the top right, use the drop down menu and select Calendar to view your plan