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The mission of the Center for Exploring Majors is to provide academic services that enhance the connection between students and the university. To meet the needs of our ever-changing students, we strive to be knowledgeable, collaborative, and student-centered in all that we do. 

As academic advisors and classroom instructors, we support the university’s mission to help students live wisely and to develop and achieve their personal, educational, and life goals.  Creating a diverse and welcoming environment is also paramount to our work. 

Finally, we aim to serve as a resource to others in the university community and promote the importance of academic advising as a vital component of a student’s university experience.

We advise:

  • students who choose not to declare a major when they enroll at the University
  • students classified as non-degree seeking 

Students may choose an advisor or have one assigned to them.

We help students:

  • Explore academic interests and determine an appropriate major
  • Design a program of study, meeting individual interests and needs
  • Map out students’ schedules and prepare for registration
  • Monitor students’ academic progress
  • Clarify students’ educational and life goals
  • Find activities and opportunities to enhance students’ academic experience
  • Develop an action plan, if students are placed on probation

Need to see your advisor?

Log into myUSI & look for the AdvisorTrac icon!


Resource Highlight

Candid Career

Candid Career gives you access to thousands of informational interview videos with professionals sharing their personal career experiences and major exploration tips. You will learn what they do in their job, how they got to where they are now, how to prepare for a specific career, as well as the things they love about their occupation and what they find challenging.  A great resource for students in the process of choosing a major or career path.

Virtual Exploring Majors and Minors Fair

Come check out videos of USI’s academic programs offered at USI through our Flipgrid.

For questions about the Exploring Majors and Minors Fair, please contact The Center for Exploring Majors.