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Form Audience Description
Application for Admittance into TRIO
Prospective Participants

Complete this form if you are interested in becoming a participant in USI's TRIO program. You will be asked a series of eligibility questions and will be contacted upon completion to setup an interview with an TRIO staff member.

NOTE: If you will be indicating that one of your eligibility criteria is the presence of a disability, please complete the application with a witness over 18 years old as you will be asked to sign a release of information between TRIO and the Office of Disability Resources.

Employment Application to Become a TRIO Mentor
Prospective TRIO Mentors

Complete this form if you are interested in applying to become an TRIO mentor for the upcoming academic year!

Continuing Particpant Pledge
Continuing Participants

This form is a review of TRIO programmatic expectations. Please complete this form prior to, or at the time of, your first semesterly meeting with TRIO staff.

Disability Resources Release of Information with TRIO
Prospective and Current Participants

Complete this standalone form if you are a prospective or current TRIO student who is also receiving accommodations through Disability Resources, but did not sign an initial Release of Information during the time of application to the TRIO program. 

RSVP Form for TRIO Events
Current Participants

Complete this form, as requested, to indicate your intention to attend various TRIO-hosted events. This form doubles as an activity waiver.

Employment Log
TRIO Peer Mentors, Peer Tutors, Social Media Specialist, and other TRIO student workers

Complete this form to record paid time spent completing the duties assigned to your associated student worker position within the TRIO department.

NOTE for Mentors and Tutors: You will complete one form per pay period and one section per mentee. At the end of your first activity log, please indicate if you need to report activities for an additional mentee and you will be provided an additional form immediately. Please indicate "Training" as your mentee's name on the form if your week included a paid TRIO training opportunity.

Needs Assessment
Prospective Participants

Prior to your scheduled interview with an TRIO staff member, please complete this short Needs Assessment to help our staff fully understand any areas of concern that our program can aid in addressing.

New Participant Pledge
First-Year TRIO Participants

This form is a review of TRIO programmatic expectations. Please complete this form at the time of your first meeting with TRIO staff. The contents of the form will be reviewed collaboratively during that meeting.

TRIO End of Year Survey
Current Participants

This form is a survey that is to be completed at the end of each academic year to help provide feedback to TRIO staff regarding the impressions and impacts of the program over the past year.

TRIO Exit Interview
Current Participants

This form is required upon departure from the TRIO program. Please complete this form prior to your exit from the University whether the reason is due to graduation, transfer, or other.

TRIO Mentoring Program Survey
Mentor Program Participants

Complete this form following participation in the TRIO Mentoring Program as either an TRIO Peer Mentor or as a Mentee.

TRIO of Events: Academic/Cultural Event Submission
Current Participants

Complete this form to record your academic and cultural events for your TRIO of Events program requirement as outlined in your Participant Pledge:

"I will attend a TRIO of Events including: at least one (1) cultural event and at least two (2) academic workshops that are recommended or sponsored by the TRIO program during the academic year."