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About Volunteer USI

Volunteer USI is a University-wide program to recruit, place and recognize volunteers who give their services and talents to benefit USI and the surrounding communities.

Made up of student, alumni, employee and community volunteers, it is an organization of individuals that donate their time to this University and to their communities. Founded in July of 1996, Volunteer USI is coordinated through the office of Alumni Relations and Volunteer USI.

*Learn what qualifies as volunteer hours and why we track them.

Recruit USI students to volunteer

Help USI students become a part of our community by recruiting them to volunteer with your organization!

The University of Southern Indiana seeks volunteers who care about all aspects of education. People who want to share their time and assist an elementary student, work on a special project or community event or support one of the University's outreach activities such as tourism, theatre or business and community development programs. Volunteer opportunities are endless.

Individuals or groups who want to give their time to assist the University and its needs may volunteer. Volunteers could be students of any age, families, members of the community, alumni or corporations. We encourage all volunteers to report their volunteer hours through the "Report Volunteer Hours" link. 

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