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How to Request Volunteers


For Approval to Promote, Your Volunteer Opportunity Must:

  1. Have at least 7-10 volunteer slots still open (or Volunteer USI must have a separate opportunity in the queue that can be promoted in the same email)
  2. Be submitted for review at least 14 days prior to the date you need confirmed volunteers
    • Volunteer USI may combine multiple opportunities into one email promotion and/or may wait between promotions so that they are not sent too frequently. 'Requests for Volunteers' are usually sent between 4 days to 3 weeks prior to the date the volunteers are needed.
  3. Include a sign-up/registration method handled by your office/organization
    • Volunteer USI may promote volunteer opportunities, but does not handle volunteer registration or coordination for other organizations
  4. Specify the required information below

Required Information for Volunteer Requests

  1. Approximate number of volunteers needed (can be a range)
  2. Date of Volunteer Opportunity
  3. Location of Volunteer Opportunity
  4. Time/Hours (if 4 hrs or more, we recommend offering options for shorter shifts of 2-3 hrs)
    1. Example: If needing volunteers for event setup, registration, operation, and tear-down, split shifts/sign-ups by those categories and list times, activities and requirements for each (i.e. Must be able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 15 lbs.)
  5. Details about the event/need
  6. Details about what the volunteers will be doing
    1. Activities
      • i.e. Event setup, registration, check-in, tear-down, etc.
    2. Requirements/Restrictions
      • i.e. Must be able to stand for long periods, Must be able to lift up to 15 lbs., Must be 18 years +, Background Check required, etc.
    3. Instructions if Applicable
      • i.e. Bring your own work gloves and water bottle, wear sunscreen, wear supportive or closed-toe shoes, etc.
  7. Contact: Name, email and phone number
  8. How to Sign-up to Volunteer (i.e. If not by contacting the above person, include registration link, etc.)

Please note: Submitting a request that meets the above guidelines does not guarantee that Volunteer USI will be able to accommodate it.

Breanna Wyman
Assistant Director, Alumni Engagement and Volunteer USI