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Vanderburgh County

Meet Andi!


Believe in yourself. You are capable of so much more than you might think, start to see it and your confidence will soar. Belief in yourself will carry you through so many things in life.


SoIN/Kentuckiana - near Louisville, KY


BA in Public Relations from Lee University

Why I love USI:

USI believes in people and their abilities to do what they set their minds on. I love that anyone can come here and make their dreams come true.

Favorite USI Spot:

On top of the Fuquay Welcome Center on a 75 degree day. Or in the Screaming Eagles Arena during a game!

Favorite thing to do in/about Evansville:

My favorite thing about Evansville is the people. Everyone is so friendly here! I’ve lived in a lot of places around the world, and Evansville is just so friendly. My favorite thing to do is go to events around town and meet new people.


I'm multi-passionate, my list of hobbies and interests is boundless. However, I'm exceptionally passionate about healthy organizations and leadership development.